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Dec 12 2013, 11:07 AM
Yes, I know. This sucks. It pains me to do this, but it's for the best. However, there is a reason for it and this is the best choice of action, and I will explain here why.

For those who don't know, Fate/Distorted Memoria was founded as a means for those on Magus Wars (another Fate RP where Nick, Seii, and I were all mods) to continue having fun and RPing when Magus Wars simply could not run due to the admin's lack of activity. It was founded to get away from that.

For the last....month, month and a half, I had to take something of an absence leave from the site due to my school work load massively spiking, in order to get into a game design project. I have indeed gotten in, and will be one of the programmers for the game being built. That being said, I predict my entire semester come January will be very much like the the time off I took this semester. I do not think I will have the time to fully run the site as I wish to, like I did when the site was first founded in September. Now, normally, I would just do for the next semester what I did do for this break; put the mods as primaries and put myself as a secondary staff member on the site.

However, as I'm sure many of the members are aware, nothing genuinely got done during that time. Both of the primary moderators, Seii and Nick, were also held up by obligations offline and could not get everything done that needed to be done. As well, there were many things that required my attention, which I could not give. Thus, aside from posting (and I am grateful to everybody for continuing to have fun and RP while the paperwork was on hold), nothing happened on the site and when I returned, there was at least a month's worth of work needing to be done.

Imagine how much worse that would get if I decided to keep the site going, and let the same thing happen over the course of four-five months? Not a pretty sight, or site, and it's eerily reminiscent of something I described before: Magus Wars. I don't want the site to become just like Magus Wars did in its final months. It would basically mean all our effort and work to get away and build a better site was for nothing, and that the very meaning of the site was a lie.

I would rather be straight forward about it then let the matter just hang over everybody's heads without being addressed. This is not a decision I make lightly, nor is it one I'm making on my own. I've discussed this with the other staff to ensure we are all in agreement about the best course of action, and they too think that given everybody's circumstances this is the best thing to do.

Thus, as head admin, I am formally declaring that Fate/Distorted Memoria is shut down as of this post. I will leave the site up in case people wish to refer back to things, or back up their applications, but everything is going to be made Read Only. It's been fun everybody~
Dec 2 2013, 09:10 AM
Because frankly we'll probably need this.

For those of us in various levels of academia, it's probably getting close to finals time (unless you go to like....year-round school or something. I have no idea how their schedule works). I figured for those of us with finals coming up, might as well just have a universal absence thread for people who just need time off the site to study and not-totally-fail those finals~

As obvious from me being the one to post it, I'll be off-and-on busy with finals until around the 12th. Need more information about some of my finals before I say for sure the exact time frame.
Dec 2 2013, 09:07 AM
So I know many of you have been asking for something like this when the new enforcement began, and I had been planning for it once it had been in place for an entire month once I saw how it did. Since it seems it's gone over well for the most part, I'll go ahead and announce this.

Every four weeks (approximately one month, the reason I say four weeks is for awkward mid-week month-transitions like this one), warnings received for not posting will be wiped. What this means is that, if for some reason you can't make it online to post about being inactive for a week or something due to various circumstances, you get one free week of not meeting the quota. Whether you actually use it as your "Oshi- I can't make it online" or "I just want a week off from posting", that's up to you. The point being, you get one free week to not meet your quota and not post a leave of absence.

Now I'm trusting people to not abuse this, because if everyone abuses it, then during any given week if someone decides "I don't want to post", they may make it impossible for another member to meet their quota. If you can post, do try to do so. Life stress happens, but if you're just being lazy, post. If not for yourself, then do it for the other members of the board.

That's all~
Oct 31 2013, 10:12 AM
So for until the end of this semester (see: Early-mid December) I'm gonna be busier than usual and won't be able to do as much on the site. Game Design professor is gonna be assigning big programming assignments every week until the end of the semester, and I have to get over 100% on every single one to get into a huge multi-department game design project that's happening next semester, which is exactly what I need for getting a job in the future. So that's going pretty high on my priority list.

As well, just getting papers, reports, and other such things assigned on top of that AND studying massive quantities of Kanji for Japanese is not making it any easier. So Seii and Nick will be handling a lot of the running of the site and most questions should be directed to them first. If absolutely necessary, I can help settle issues or answer questions, but I will be a last resort during this time of utter scheduling hell.

So I'll try to post, but don't expect as much activity out of Gilgamesh, Hakunon, and Crescentia, and Bazett being finished will likely take a bit longer.
Oct 21 2013, 11:13 AM
So those of you who read my post at the Activity Check knew this was coming. If you didn't, go read it to be sure. Click the words 'Activity Check'. Do it. Okay? You know what's up? Good~

So the site's been going for close to a month and a half now and, while we've had some ups and downs, overall things have been going well. Thank you to everybody who's made this much possible!

That being said, we've been lax on enforcing some of our rules. Particularly, the activity rules regarding Masters and Servants. For those of you who forgot (because everyone's obviously read the rules before~), the rule goes like this:

11) Canon Activity. Due to the way we're formatting things, there's a certain level of activity expected from those who make one of the fourteen Masters or Servants. If you make a Master of one of the fourteen Servants, you're expected to make at least one post per week. For the Servants, you are expected to make at least two posts per week.

How is this going to be enforced? Well, it's pretty simple really. I'm making this announcement on October 21st, a Monday. From today through the next Monday, the 28th, will be the time frame for people to get in their posts, based on who they're playing. On that following Monday, we'll check the accounts of those playing a Master or Servant and see if they've made their required posts for the week. If they have, awesome, everything's good. If they haven't, you'll receive one warning for breaking the rule of the site.

After that, then the next week will be the same. From Monday to Monday, is your time frame for making your required posts, and every Monday we'll be checking to make sure people are doing so. If you fail to comply after receiving a warning, your account will be deleted and your spot opened (or permanently closed, if you're an established Servant), likely also resulting in your character being killed without your consent, meaning you can't just pick them back up again.

Obviously, those with reasons they are absent and thus cannot post will be treated with more leniency. That being said, these reasons must be posted in the Absence Board! We have it for a reason. Use it.

"But I'm an unsummoned Servant and my Master hasn't posted a summoning/I lost my potential Master to the Activity Check/my Master left the site"! Well we're not just going to knock you guys down because of this. If your Master is accepted, and you are accepted but not summoned, you'll have the two weeks your Master would have to get their shit together. If they fail, then you fall with them, so it'd be a good idea to work with them on it. If you still need a Master period, you've got a week to have someone planning to summon you in the works/chosen (if they're an already-accepted character). Then, if they're an In Progress, you'll have until two week after the app is accepted. If they're already made, then you have the same time period as those who are both accepted. Same rule applies; if they fall, you fall.

Also, in regards to making your weekly posts; if a thread your in is slowing down, and you're stuck waiting for other people to post, start a new thread! Get other things going on the site! You're not limited to one thread at a time. We use liquid time, so make use of that! It gets you more things to do along with other people, so it helps everybody get their weekly posts in. Everybody wins!

So, with all that being said, let the Sixth Holy Grail War commence properly now~!
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