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Nov 21 2013, 02:48 AM
About Our Q&A Board

...I just kind of noticed how often we get questions, and how emtpy our Q&A board is. I also just kind of noticed how much worth it would be to actually be using our Q&A board when you people (The users) have questions.



No but seriously, as much as I don't mind helping people with things and answering questions we'd be able to develop a wonderful resource for all future players if you'd simply allow your questions to be answered in public.

Chances are...If you don't know something someone else doesn't either. So let's reduce the number of people that don't know and work to increase the general knowledge of all those on this site.

Thanks~. Have fun.
Nov 9 2013, 11:58 AM
New Rule on Face Claims

We now have new rules involving face-claims. In order to reserve a face-claim you must post in the FC thread your reservation for the character and possess a week's time-limit to finish the character you've reserved the FC of. With-in that week you must have a W.I.P. and a fair amount of the character done before your FC is completely reserved only to you.

The FC list will now be updated upon a reply for reservation in the FC thread, and a proven post of the W.I.P.

Thank you for your time, and have fun.

Sep 24 2013, 09:58 AM
Here's the deal:

The Kuroishi Clan is one that has been forgotten by the magical world for a long time, and only really remembered by historians, well studied demonologists, very old Inversion Impulse enthusiasts, and maybe a few ancient onmyoji clans.

These guys were generally one of the major pioneering families of Western Wind Magecraft (Ironically), Demonology, and in some circles had some contribution to demon slaying by fighting fire with fire. Despite all of this...no matter how one can look at it, they're a cursed family. This is why they have to rely on the power of the 'patron god' Shiragiku (Whom ironically is partially why they are cursed.)

The events that lead up to the mixing of blood with an Ayakashi called an Inugami were nothing but a chain of misfortune that only lead up to more. That said every proud member of the Kuroishi Clan is a determined, knowledgeable, resilient, heavily family oriented, and traditional person.

Ayame's ability 'Creature of Misfortune' is an ability that all members of the Kuroishi main family have at varying degrees of potency. The thing is the actual ability isn't as strong (Like Ayame's) as the 'Karmic Unbalance' portion of the deal.

There are three branches of the Kuroishi Family, but all members of the family possess the Kuroishi name :

Crimson Fang Branch : Demonology Specialists, Dabbles in onmyodo practices. For a time were Inversion-Impulse Enthusiasts. Clan of martial artists. In Modern Day they've taken up focusing mostly on such, due to their demonic heritage still providing them strong bodies capable of great speed.

White Stone Branch : Made up of Thaumaturge. Very focused Magi, whom once where renown for their control and understanding of the Wind element. Had once worked with the Crimson Branch to discover methods to weaken the curse, and nullify demonic blood. Views blood-mixing as a mistake no one should make, and curse no one should suffer. In Modern Day is mostly focused on trying to return Kuroishi line to their original magical aptitudes.

Black Wind Branch : Historian Branch. Record keepers. Once was used to produce body guards for the main family. A common producer of priests these days, but is frankly more integrated into the modern world than the other two. That said they don't have a very good relationship with the White Stone Branch. A lot of people in this branch of the family prefer living normally.

( Ayame still has small amounts of contact with these people.)

That said I'm hoping to have someone else rp as a relative of this character, preferably a sibling of Ayame.

Mandatory Traits :
- Raised in the Traditional Kuroishi Manner.
- Either a Magus or a human.
- Does not suffer Inversion Impulse, and cannot do anything related to it.
- Does not have 'Sacred Eyes' (But can have pure eyes.)
- Was not naturally born with the 'Walk & Breath' Eastern Thaumaturgy technique.
- Is younger than Ayame.

Not so Mandatory :
- Being a Direct Sibling. They can be from any branch.

Note : The Kuroishi have people in China.

This isn't first come-first serve. I'm going to choose from a pool of people that 'apply' based on whether or not I like their ideas or not. Not to hurt any feelings, but I'm picky, and I'd like to have the most creative person for the 'job' possible.

Simply post here if you're interested and send a PM on the site of your character & plotting ideas. I do have my own ideas but I'd like for us both to bring something to the table. ;D I'll note following directions is mandatory in order to even be considered.

For more information please PM me on the site. On the Ayame Kuroishi account.
Sep 16 2013, 04:24 AM
The Rules have been Updated!

The past week has been a bit of a crazy time in the race for Servant Slots and masters. That said the rules have been altered a bit to better support your position in the matter and our abilities to document. Please be certain to have a look over the rules once more and ensure you have a decent understanding of how things will be working around here.

Thanks very much for playing with us!

Have fun!
Sep 13 2013, 10:54 AM
Servant Reservation Thread

Due to the rather confusing instances going on with Servants being dropped and picked up repeatedly it's been decided to create a thread for reservations. Here you'll simply post your Servant Class, Servant Name, and place a link leading to your WIP thread proving you created one in order to obtain your reservation.

Once that's complete we'll Make note of it here, and when you complete the profile you'll be officially added to the Servant/Master list.

When you decide you want to revoke your reserve on a servant, please also post here, and PM either Ryo, Nick, or myself so we'll be aware of the fact in advance.

Note: No matter how many times you say it in the cbox it won't count as a reservation application. Please help us make this easier on everyone. ;D


Note : For details on open slots please see the Servant/Master list. (I suggest those of you whom are actually dropping a character let us know as soon as possible.)

[b]Servant Reservation App:[/b]

[b]Servant Class :[/b]
[b]Servant Name :[/b]
[b]Primary Account :[/b]
[b]WIP Link :[/b] [url=http://]My Webpage[/url]
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