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<p>“Ye first, O silver, O iron. O stone of the foundation, O Archduke of the Contract. Hear me in the name of our great teacher, the Archmagus Schweinorg." I chant, inscribing the circle in to the basement floor. "Let the descending winds be as a wall. Let the gates in all directions be shut, rising above the crown, and let the three-forked roads to the Kingdom revolve.”</p>

<p>Tonight, in the Tohsaka Mansion, there will be a reunion. Excitement boils up my blood; fond, but distant memories sweetens my senses with nostalgia. They were so far, and yet so close - but now they would be by my side again, like I asked them to be in their last moments, on that bright sunny day.</p>

<p>"Enclose. Enclose. Enclose. Enclose. Enclose. Five times for each repetition. And now, let the filled sigils be annihilated in my stead!"</p>

<p>I had instructed Saber to stay put upstairs beforehand whilst I proceed with the summoning in the basement. The clock has struck two: the peak of my magical energy, and I am ready. The anchor: a magical circle engraved in to the basement floor. Lying within it, a powerful pendant that will used as a catalyst for the Heroic Spirit. The setting is almost identical to the summoning eleven years ago, however, quicksilver is being used this time, as I literally can't afford to make the financial mistake I did last time. Besides, I'm already positive about which servant will answer my call.</p>

<p>"Let thy body rest under my dominion, let my fate rest in thy blade.</p>

<p>If thou submitteth to the call of the Holy Grail, and if thou wilt obey this mind, this reason, then thou shalt respond.”</p>

<p>I start the incantation. My words pierce through the air, and magical energy begins to melt me- no, fill me from the tips of my fingers. Pure mana continues to engulf me; what was once my nerves are now pure circuits of magical energy.</p>

<p>"I make my oath here, I am the embodiment of good in the eternal world. I am the disposer of evil in the eternal world."</p>

<p>The circle before me glows a bright crimson, permeating the air with dense levels of prana. Pain violates my nerves; wings sprout out of my my back, horns grow from the sides of my head, scales form on my hands - these illusions assault my senses, resulting in sweat to drip from my forehead. My body is rejecting the prana coursing through my nerves, but this pain is natural, as no matter how good a magus you are, this pain will result as long as you use magic in a human body. I grit my teeth and bear with it, completing the incantation. </p>

<p>"Thee, the seven heavens that bear the great trinity, come forth from the circle of constraint-!"</p>

<p>My vision is blinded by the bright, thunderous light. The roar of a mighty wind rings through my ears. The summoning is complete! I've done it, just like I did a year ago. I slowly open my eyes, and past the smoke and haze is a unmistakable, crooked smile that only one person I know would ever make.</p>

"Good to see you, Archer." I greet the figure like an old friend, a wide grin spreading across my face.

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Sep 6 2013, 05:47 PM


General Info

Name: Rin Tohsaka
Age: 19
Classification: Magus
Gender: Female
Alignment: Neutral Good
Servant: EMIYA, Arturia Pendragon


Eye Color: Aqua
Hair Color: Black
Height: 159 cm
Weight: 47 kg

Appearance Description:

Rin stands at 158 centermetres, with a weight of 47 kilograms; this gives her a rather petite figure. However in terms of physical fitness, Rin is quite in-shape due to her regular practice of Chinese Kenpo - not to the point of having any evident muscle, though.

As a model student, Rin not only strives to maintain a perfect persona, but a perfect image too. As such, she generally takes care of her own appearance and is very clean and hygenic. This, along with her natural beauty, results in Rin being admired by a majority of her male peers. Rin's features are soft, and her eyes are the color aqua. She has long black hair, which she styles into twintails with black ribbons, giving her a more girlish look.

Her casual clothing consists of a crimson red turtleneck with a white cross design, a black mini-skirt and long black socks.


Elemental Affinity: Average one

Sorcery Trait: None

Magic Circuit Count: 40 (along with additional subs from her Magic Crest; amounts to a maximum output of 1000.)

Abilities: Tohsaka contains no special innate traits or powers besides what is shown in the other sections of her battle info.

Chinese Kenpo: As a tradition of the Tohsaka family, Rin has been taught in a secret style of Chinese Kenpo. This allows her to be able to fend off most untrained pursuers, but her proficiency in this pales in comparison compared to other more straightforward martial-arts types.

Prana Jewels: Rin originally owned twenty charged jewels, but the majority of them were used up during the events of the 5th Holy Grail War, leaving her with only three remaining. However, during the eighteen months following the war, Rin was able to gather up five more jewels, all containing prana sufficient enough to fire off a C-Rank spell.

Azoth Dagger: A common Mystic Code throughout the Mage's Association, usually given to students at coming of age ceromonies. While it is called a dagger, it is not meant to be a weapon used for doing as a dagger does, but still can function as such to kill a person. The Azoth Dagger is used as an amplifier for magecraft, basically functioning like that of a Magic Wand that strengthens and powers up magic spells. Filling it with prana while using the word "läßt" will activate it for the user.

Tohsaka Pendant: A family heirloom given to Rin through her father's will. Said to be 100 years old, it once held up to ten years worth of prana, giving it the ability to do practically anything. However, that was used up during the events of the 5th Holy Grail War. The pendant wasn't left completely empty, however, as since then Rin has began recharging it. While it does not contain nearly enough prana it used to, it certainly holds an impressive amount; enough to launch one high-level spell or act as a decent back-up supply.

Flowing/Transferring of Power: As the successor to the Tohsaka family, Rin excels in Jewel Magecraft. This form of magecraft allows her to store her prana in to jewels. While a normal magi's prana output is limited by bodily functions, Rin has been able to bypass that limit by transferring prana in to her jewels over time, and she has made it a daily routine to do so.

It is said that jewels are able to absorb and accumulate the thoughts of their owners - this also applies to prana. This is why gems are used for this particular spell, hence the name 'Jewel Magecraft'.

Inside of these jewels, Rin has accumulated up to ten years worth of prana. By releasing the full contents of one, she is able to instantaneously fire off a spell on the level of High-Thaumatergy, at the expense of said gem being burned to ashes. Alternately, it is possible to preserve the jewel by simply casting a spell and transferring the stored energy of the gem to strengthen it, but this is considered less effective.

Gandr: This Finnish technique is intended as a curse, fluctuating the targets physical health upon a direct hit. It is also dubbed the 'Gandr Shot', as the target is aimed at from one's field of vision - almost like aiming a gun, but minus the extra weight on your hands. However, Rin's Gandr are that of a more corporeal form; dealing direct damage instead of a curse.

Known as Rin's most common offensive spell. Concentrates prana to Rin's forefinger, resulting in a hazy black orb to be fired similarly to a bullet. Rin has bypassed the need for an incantation to initiate this spell, and can fire off multiple Gandr Shots in an instant.

Reinforcement: This form of magecraft is not the act of making something harder or more durable like some would assume, but the act of enhancing it's effectiveness as an existence. Like making a blade sharper, or even increasing the nourishment of food.

Rin is capable of reinforcing various parts of her body. Taking this in mind, she is proficient enough at this spell to be able to close a gap of several meters in an instant through the reinforcement her legs. This displays her talent in the field, as the application of reinforcementto enhance living body parts is considered the pinnacle of difficulty.



The life of Rin Tohsaka is not exactly a normal one - and because of that, there is a side of her you won't see just by merely looking at her or talking to her once. As the successor to a refined lineage of magi such as hers - and also to prevent others prying in to her life - Rin is required to set herself up as a perfect honor student to her classmates, and is rather good at it too. In public, she is usually rather quiet and perceptive, only really speaking when she needs to. She is also known around school to be incredibly competitive.

At school, the presence Rin sets up makes her seem almost completely unnapproachable. However, behind her honor student facade is a personality one might not expect. Her abrasive nature is very prominent in private, which along with her commanding tone and stingy attitude, gives her a sort of dominant 'in your face' aura. Her contrast in personality is so great to the point where even Shirou is baffled by it, going as far as to question whether the Rin before him at the time was the 'real Tohsaka' or not.

Rin, as a child, took pride in her father, seeing him as an individual that should be respected highly as a magus. She understood the war, but could never really could comprehend it until she grew older. But even so, Rin was greatly influenced by her father, and strived to become like him. And because of that, even now, for the sake of her father's beliefs, she seeks to obtain the Holy Grail, regardless of having little desire for it. However, there was a side of him Rin never truly learned to understand - the negative aspect of his personality, the coldness of his ideal, the true nature of a magus. She never lived long enough with her father to truly grasp any of this, and if she did, it is possible that the Rin Tohsaka now would be a drastically different person. Whether she would go on to reject the way of a magus, or follow them intently, Rin's would certainly be far from happiness.

This in turn causes her moral values to get in the way during a bad situation. A mage is taught to accept death, and Rin tries her best to. But even still, even after trying her hardest to stay calm, she cannot help but tremble to the sight of a body, she cannot help but hesitate to leave someone hurt behind. This is the veil behind the veil - the true Rin Tohsaka she isn't - or doesn't want to be - aware of.

To the people she is close to, she holds rather varied relations with; she gets along with Saber rather well, along with admiring her natural beauty as a fellow woman. Her status with Archer is also solid, and like partners should be - although, she has a tendency to get boiled up by his attitude. To her sister, Sakura, Rin wears a mask and treats her as a stranger hide their status as sisters, but still feels guilty - believing that she has abandoned Sakura.

In the case of Shirou, their relationship is one of equals - showing complete trust recognising each other's strengths and weaknesses. Although, Rin has made it a habit to frequently tease him upon finding out how easily embarrassed he is. This is flipped on it's side sometimes however, as Rin is easily flustered by his honesty.

Character Color: Red
Likes: Fair play, Messing with Shirou
Dislikes: Electronics, Unexpected Accidents
Natural enemy: Kotomine Kirei
Hobbies: Polishing her Jewels, Collecting Tea Leaves

Parents: Tokiomi Tohsaka (Father), Aoi Tohsaka (Mother)
Relatives: Sakura Matou (Sister before adoption)
Significant Other: Shirou Emiya
Children: None


Daughter of Aoi and Tokiomi Tohsaka, Rin was born into the Tohsaka lineage. As the successor to her family's magecraft, she was brought up to be so, and was instructed by her father to prioritize magecraft over her own interests. Having the upmost respect for her father, Rin followed through without hesitation - working at her hardest to become an elligible successor and to make her father proud.

Soon enough, Tokiomi was chosen to participate in the 4th Holy Grail war, and Rin, as the successor, was chosen to take care of the Tohsaka estate while he was away. As a child, Rin could never truly grasp the war, but she at least understood it. She knew there was a possibility of her very own father's death in this battle. But that fact only really began to sink in later on, when her father came to see her one last time. He presents Rin with a book, patting her and giving her his final words of praise, and only then did she fully acknowledge that this visit could be his last.

And it was: Tokiomi Tohsaka would never come back home to the mansion after that day, as he was killed in the war. On the day of the funeral, Rin was given the Azoth Dagger by Kirei - and upon being told the that it was originally her fathers, she weeped. Never again would her father be able to praise her. Never again would he be able to guide her further and teach her to become more like him. On top of that, her mother was left in a dehabilitated state from the war and sent to a mental home, leaving Kirei, Rin's new guardian, to take care of her. She continued to follow through with magecraft under the guidance of Kirei, developing into an exceptional magus.

After Aoi's death, the rights to the Tohsaka lands were inherited by Rin. As her guardian, Kirei managed them. However, as Kirei believed the wealth would have been bad for her upbringing, most of the more profitable properties ended up in the hands of others. Although, Rin did not let that drag her down; she went on to attend school, striving to earn admiration from her peers to divert attention from her private life.

Before she knew it, ten years had passed; the 5th Holy Grail War of Fuyuki had started, and she was ready. Rin Tohsaka had been chosen by the grail, and was prepared to summon a servant of the strongest class: Saber. She had even melted down ten of her twenty jewels, each containing magical energy built up over ten years, to use as the summoning circle to do so. However, there was a slight error in the summoning; she had forgotten the old clock she relied on was set an hour forward, leaving the hour for the summoning a tad too early - this error resulted in the summoning of Archer instead. Upon being summoned irregularly and crash-landing into the mansion room, Archer offends Rin and begins to insult her ability as a master. Rin, already aggravated from the irregular summoning, is pushed to the point of using a command seal on Archer to make him obey her. After the quarrelling, the two soon set aside their differences and begin to get along.

The two spent the next few days scouting Fuyuki, eventually encountering their first enemy servant, Lancer - and on the third night, they procceeded to battle on the grounds of Homuhara Gakuen. Despite his class, Archer was able to take Lancer on at equal ground in close-range combat, but that all changed when Lancer stepped up his game and got ready to use his Noble Phantasm: Gae Bolg. It was almost certain Archer would be defeated there and then, but out of mere coincidence, a bystander came out and interrupted the battle; he was just an ordinary person, but because of that, because he was a witness, he was chased down by Lancer. The two chased after Lancer and into the school building, only to find the corpse of one person, of all people, she didn't want to be hurt; Shirou Emiya. At that moment, Rin decided that she couldn't let this person die; for the sake of Sakura, and because of that one red-tinted day she could recall clearly in her mind. She got out her father's memento - a pendant, a trump card than contained a vast concentration of magical energy - and used it to heal Shirou's pierced heart. Rin then procceeded to rendezvous with Archer and search for the retreated Lancer.

Unable to find him, they head back to the Tohsaka mansion - but soon after realizing that Lancer would notice the fact that Shirou didn't die, Rin and Archer take off again to the Emiya Residence, only to find a sword at their throat. It was a newly summoned Servant - a Saber in fact, and the Master was Shirou Emiya. He stopped Saber before she could land a strike on Archer, accidentally using up a command seal to do so. After things were cleared up, Rin took Shirou to Kotomine, the overseer, to explain the situation to him. Ultimately, Shirou decides to take part in the war.

The two weeks that followed were days that would never be forgotten. Eventually, Rin decides on allying with Shirou to deal with the upcoming threat of Rider. During the war, Rin and Shirou begin to develop feelings for each other. They soon encounter Rider, only to find her defeated by a third party. Archer is sent out to confront Caster at Ryuudou temple while Saber takes on Assassin at the gate, managing to incapacitate her but ultimately not killing her. Rin and Shirou go on a date, taking Saber with them, only to come back home to find Caster there, holding Taiga as hostage. Caster strikes Saber with Rule Breaker, transferring Shirou's command seals to her. Rin tells Shirou to cease taking part in the war, then confronts Kuzuki and Caster with Archer. Archer goes on to betray Rin and attacks her. Shirou saves her from the assault and they ally again. Desperate, the two head for the Einzbern castle to convince Ilya to ally with them, only to find her defeated, they instead end up allying with Lancer. Rin and Shirou confront Caster again, only for Archer to interrupt the battle, effectively killing Caster. Rin makes a contract with Rin again in a hurry, then Archer kidnaps her and takes her back to the Einzbern Castle to bait Shirou into coming, although Shinji and Kirei get there first, but before he can do anything Lancer steps in, kills both of them, and sets her free at the cost of his own life. Rin finds Shirou and Saber only to find Archer defeated by Gilgamesh, Gilgamesh retreats, and they procceed after him to Ryuudou Temple; the final battle of the war. Rin saves Shinji as Shirou fights and overwhelms Gilgamesh, leading him to get sucked into the grail. However, Gilgamesh tries one last time to drag Shirou in with him. Fortunately, Archer comes to Shirou's aid, as well as Rin's. Rin makes Arturia destroy the grail with Excalibur, and in the aftermath, she talks to Archer one last time before he dissapears. In his last words Archer tells Rin to take care of his younger self, hoping that her care for him will change Shirou and stray him from the same path as Archer. Rin accepts, and for the first time, she sees Archer with a genuine smile.

In the eighteen months following the war, Rin and Shirou led a peaceful life, along with Saber, who was able to stay and maintain herself after the war due to Rin's immense prana levels. Along with improving her own magecraft, Rin has put Shirou under he wing: tutoring him in his own magecraft as best as able, as well as guiding him to stray him from the same path as Archer. Rin has gratuated High School, and has kept Saber's existence a secret from the Mage's Organization. After graduation, Rin planned to enroll in the Clock Tower with Shirou tagging along as her apprentice. However, their enrollment was interrupted by another more important matter; the Sixth Heaven's Feel.

RP Sample

I step out into the autumn air, the narrow double doors of the Kotomine Church shutting behind me with a creak. I shiver; it's unusually cold for early September, considering how relatively tame winters are in Fuyuki. It probably would of been wise for me to bring a jacket.

"---Well, a lot of things have been unusual lately, so it makes sense." I mumble to myself, scrabbling past the pertubingly well-kept hedges that stuck out from both sides.

Caren Ortensia, the new supervisor, had just explained the situation to me: another war was about to take place. Only eighteen months had passed, and yet the 6th Holy Grail of Fuyuki had already prepared to manifest. I clench my teeth in frustration; to tell the truth, I'm angry about this. I thought we were done with the grail, I thought we had destroyed it there and then on the 16th day when Saber obliterated it with Excalibur, I thought the three of us would be able to continue on through our everyday life in peace, like a family.

But of course, I was wrong; The Holy Grail, the one omnipotent item that grants wishes, has taken my wish away from me.

Originally, the Grail Wars had occured between a time gap of around sixty years. The last Holy Grail War, the 5th, had kicked off after only ten years - an anomoly in it's own right. But the upcoming one was even faster; five times faster, to be exact. Not only that, but this time it was setting up more than seven vessels - two for each class, in fact. Considering how large-scale the last five wars have been, it's no bluff to say this one is going to be even worse. Fourteen Servants running around Fuyuki city at once is not something you can shrug off, as even just one alone has enough power to wreck complete havoc to this town.

Of course, as the successor to one of the three families, I will be taking part in this war. Although I already have Saber from the last war, she is considered an anomaly; summoning a servant specifically for this war is necessary to officially take part in it, otherwise I wouldn't be taking up one of the fourteen vessels in the first place. This is to my complete advantage, however, as this time I will have the biggest trump card; two Servants.

I am confident I will win this war - I, Rin Tohsaka, can defeat everyone in my path with this advantage, but one other factor still weighs in my mind.


I can't let him know, I can't let him take part in this war. Archer's last words were to take care of him, to ensure that his path would be different from the path his older self took; I must follow through to make sure his ideals don't lead him astray.

Besides, I can't stand to see him put himself on the line again. That selfless idiot would probably get himself hurt even more in a war as big as this.

Face Claim

[code*]Fate/Stay Night, Rin Tohsaka[/*code]
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