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General Info

True Identity: Beowulf
Alias: Just call her Beowulf. Beo or Berserker works too – she doesn’t care.
Age: 20-25
Class: Berserker
Gender: Female
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Master: Julius B. Harwey


Eye Color: Light blue.
Hair Color: Platinum blond.
Height: 6’4’’
Weight: 15 stone.
Picture: Click

Appearance Description: Upon beholding the lady, none would think her a shining example of a regal, and beautiful ruler, nor would one attach the name 'Beowulf' to her. The most noteworthy aspects of Beowulf are her impressive height and sizable build. At slightly above six feet high, she is considerably tall for a person of her age, let alone a woman. Her legs are long, and thickly-muscled, making up a significant percentage of her height. Her abdominal muscles are clearly visible through her choice of clothing.

Her years of wielding large, heavy swords into combat, as well as performing incredible feats with her superhuman strength has left Beowulf with sinewy arms, and broad, muscular shoulders. Though clearly built like a champion athlete, Beowulf is not wholly unladylike. Her complexion is fair, and unblemished, harking back to her prime, and is revealed by her long, pale blonde hair, kept over her ears. Her icy blue eyes are small, thin and angular. When coupled with her arched brows, this gives her the look of a perpetual frown, or smirk. The entirety of the woman's face appears defined, angular, and sharp, with her slender jawline, pointed chin, finishing with a small mouth, and a concave nose adorning it.

For use in battle, Beowulf summons her armor, Wulfsbane. The armor is a dull grey alloy made up of a chest plate with a series of dark, lines running the length of it, abdominal armor which reaches down to her lower thighs, large spaulders, small gauntlets reaching mid-elbow, knee-length greaves, and a large shield-like plate on her back which serves as a protective sheathe for Hrunting and Naegling.



Before Mad Enhancement ::

Strength: B+
Endurance: A
Agility: A
Mana: C
Luck: E

With Mad Enhancement ::

Strength: A+
Endurance: A
Agility: A
Mana: C
Luck: E


Skill: Mad Enhancement
Description: Mad Enhancement raises basic parameters in exchange of hindering mental capacities. In some cases, also seals away Personal Skills.
Rank: D
Effect: Ranks up one parameter at the cost of becoming overly aggressive and delusional. Beowulf is often under the impression that she’s reliving her life – her master is Lord Hygelac, enemy servants are Grendel, airplanes are dragons, so on and so forth.

Skill: Eye of the Mind False
Description: A natural talent to avoid danger on the basis of an innate 6th sense, intuition, or prescience, where accuracy of instinct has been augmented by experience – somewhat overcoming the problem of visual obstructions that appear in the course of combat.
Rank: C ( Formally B )
Effect: Beowulf isn’t as sharp as she used to be, but her battle instinct remains intact. She is capable of calm analysis of battle conditions, by which competent grasp of the status of the self and the opponent are obtainable even in the midst of danger; utilization of such to deduce the appropriate course of action that permits escape from a lethal predicament.

Skill: Bravery
Description: The ability to negate mental interference such as pressure, confusion and fascination.
Rank: B ( Formally A )
Effect: Beowulf’s fierce dedication to her Lord and her cause protects her from others’ influence. Her mind is astoundingly difficult to change and her resolve is all but impossible to break.

Skill: Charisma
Description: The natural talent to command an army. It increases the ability of allies during group battles. It is said that a rank of B in this skill is sufficient to lead a nation as its King.
Rank: C ( Formally B )
Effect: Beowulf has the proper amount of charisma for a Thane. Before the poison set in she was a king, but these days she’s not quite as lucid as she used to be.

Skill: Battle Continuation
Description: The strength of vitality for predicaments. Also, the ability to withdraw from combat and reach allied territory alive after being defeated.
Rank: A
Effect: Makes it possible to fight even with deadly injuries and can remain alive so long as one does not receive a decisive fatal wound. Having fought deadly monsters for her entire life, Beowulf is perhaps the most determined person you will ever meet. In life she was bitten in the neck by a dragon and still lived long enough to kill it.

Skill: To Anacreon in Heaven
Description: Turns drinking into an art form.
Rank: A
Effect: Unlike other servants, Beowulf’s perfectly capable of getting drunk. She’s spectacular at it.

Noble Phantasms

Noble Phantasm: Naegling - The Invincible Jeweled Nail
Type: Anti-Unit
Rank: B - A
Range: Melee
Number of Targets: 1
Description: Naegling, described as an unbreakable seax sword was once owned by Beowulf. Through the hero's strength alone, the blade shattered upon the hide of a dragon, slaying the beast. Akin to a shortsword, it can be considered Beowulf's "sidearm". It is in its own right, a powerful Noble Phantasm, dealing horrendous damage to foes with any degree of Draconian alignment.
Effect: True to the nature of the sword, Beowulf may increase Naeglin's rank by utilizing the weapon as a Broken Phantasm. Naegling is unique, in that it may be used as a Broken Phantasm without packing it with prana. Using it such a way counts towards the weapon being sealed.

Against normal Servants, Naegling functions as a B-ranked Noble Phantasm, or A-rank against Draconian-aligned Servants. Using it as a Broken Phantasm respectively grants it B+ and A+ ranks.

Noble Phantasm: Bryndennmel - Might of The Jotun
Type: Anti-Unit
Rank: A
Range: Melee
Number of Targets: 1
Description: The sword of the giants that cut down a True Demon, Grendel's Mother, Acennic. The sword of the Jotun that killed the demon Acennic. Like some Noble Phantasms, such as Excalibur and Ea, Byrndennmel is not of the mortal world, but of Jotunheim, the land of the giants.
Effect: An ungainly sword, even for Beowulf, its sole purpose is to dispel Thaumaturgy. Noted by the Scandanavians as a holy sword, Byrndennmel's blade is covered in Jotun lettering and delivers incredible levels of anti-magic disruption upon those with Demoniac, and/or Beast alignments. There is no limit to the level of Thaumaturgy the sword can dispel, though it's effectiveness against it grows lower and lower as the level and nature of the Thaumaturgy increases. It's high prana costs inhibits extended use by Beowulf.

Noble Phantasm: Hrunting - Hound of The Red Plains
Type: Anti-Unit
Rank: A
Range: 31 meters.
Number of Targets: 1
Description: The sword of legend, tempered in blood, and wrought in war, superior to even Ulfberht swords. It was said to be able to strike down whatever it was aimed at without fail. The sword that gave rise to this legend was Hrunting, Beowulf's ultimate Noble Phantasm.
Effect: Unable to be used until her other Noble Phantasms have been sealed. When swung, Hrunting's blade releases and invisible cut that will always find its mark, regardless of an enemy's skill with deflection, magical protection or evasiveness. Like the spears of Irish myth, a Servant with high luck, or the ability to alter fate can survive or avoid the attack. Like the Jotun blade, Hrunting's effectiveness becomes negligible the higher the defender's protection is.


Personality: A stable king in life, Beowulf is now more than a little bit unhinged. Her madness is a product of several different factors, the largest one being that the poison that killed her is still in her system. It’s weakened her mind and trapped her in a never-ending fever dream in which she is reliving her life and correcting past wrongs. The dream itself is brought on by crushing regret – she knows that in life she made her fair share of mistakes, and she wonders if she can still call herself great despite them. Some days, she can. Others are more difficult. It doesn’t help that, throughout history, she has been remembered as having been a wild and brutal warrior rather than the surprisingly capable politician that she actually was. While her actions and words are often hard to decipher, her current behavior seems to be a desperate attempt to deal with her emotional baggage. Or maybe she’s just drunk.

One trait she’s managed to hold onto is her kingly pride, though it varies as far as how it manifests. Sometimes she really is proud of herself. She’ll sit by you whether you want her to or not and tell you how you ought to be a king. It doesn’t matter who you are – she probably thinks you’re someone else. Some days she’ll tell you that the secret to life is peace-seeking. Others, she’ll insist that everything good in life comes as a result of battle. Sometimes honesty is best, sometimes she’ll admit that honesty is impossible just based on the way the world is. Sometimes she’s speaking Old English and there’s no hope of understanding what she’s saying anyway. One thing is fairly consistent: She will not tolerate unworthy kings. If you boast she will not only call your bluff – she’ll cut you down.

Another is a deep reverence for her Lord and ring-giver. She can’t tell her master from Hygelac or his compatriots from Heardred. After having endured their loss in life, she is determined to make this time different – they won’t die again on her watch. All of her aggression and brutality gives way to a surprisingly sweet side when she’s with them, especially if she’s had a bit to drink. The presence of her new “clan” keeps her strong and happy, or at least as happy as she can be in her current state. In their absence, she turns to alcohol to keep her spirits up. She can often be found drinking alone, talking to empty chairs that upon which she insists she sees her old friends.

Character Color: Firebrick
Likes: Alcohol, combat, swimming, her lord, treasure, fame, beauty and peace.
Dislikes: Monsters, liars, loneliness, invaders, and false kings.
Natural Enemy: Arturia Pendragon
Hobbies: Drinking, partying, fighting, ranting, and more drinking.

Past Life

History: A scop once told Beowulf that while she would indeed live on in history and in the hearts of many, hers would be a story that nobody wanted to claim. At the time, she hadn’t known what to make of it. She’d just been a girl then, and thus more concerned with the way her life was going at the time than the way it would be told of after her death. Perhaps she was wrong.

But how wrong? She doesn’t know – she can’t remember.

Time distorts things anyway. Looking back on her life, especially her early years, she supposes she can understand why those who later heard her story figured her for a man. Her gender was the last thing anyone had ever noticed upon meeting her. There were more important things to notice. She was the strong, fearless, fame-hungry child of Ecgtheow – most heard of her description and her deeds and assumed erroneously that she must have been his son.

Beowulf herself assumes erroneously that while she can’t seem to remember entire portions of her life and legacy, she must as least have the important things. Heorot Hall sticks out in her mind. She remembers Hrothgar and Unfurth and the way it felt to fight Grendel with nothing but her skill and her own two hands. The faces are there, and the feelings. Sometimes, a particular sound can push her back into her own mind, and in her mind she sees herself swimming for days into the lair of Grendel’s mother and carrying the beast’s head back to the waiting warriors. Other times, not even hearing parts of her own story told back to her can make her connect with the events.

Her rise to fame was most definitely her saving of Heorot. For that she was given magnificent treasures and a warning from King Hrothgar himself. All men die, he said, and at some point it becomes necessary to cope with this knowledge and live life according to it. That knowledge and those treasures were then ferried back to Geatland and to her Lord at the time, Hygelac. To reward her bravery, she was made a Thane.

Hygelac would later die in battle, and Beowulf would be tasked with making the long, solitary trip home to present his armor to his wife and child. This is where her account gets especially muddy. She was offered the kingship – that much she knows – because Hygelac’s son was too young for it. She refused it, though, opting instead to raise the boy into a proper king while she served as regent. He did grow up, he assumed the throne, and then he died as well under uncertain circumstances. Her own reign began there and continued peacefully for 50 years until her death at the hands of the dragon.

There must be more. She knows there’s more. It’s entirely possible, though, that she isn’t ready to remember.

RP Sample

It was quieter than she liked it. Even with her men alongside her, there was this uncomfortable air of dread that hung over the entire hall like a great cotton sheet. It seemed that Beowulf was the only one who noticed. She sat there, flask in hand, watching as her fellow Geats boasted and bellowed and told their stories. Normally, she might have joined in.
“You ought to go, my friend.” She said to the man beside her.
“I admire your courage, but this is my fight.”

The man looked up from his own drink, mildly offended by her request. He was a great deal smaller than her, but thickly muscled and strong-featured so that even at his meager height he gave off the an authoritative air. Not so much as the lady, but it was there.
“I have never left your side. Why would I start now?” He began, downing another long swig of beer right as soon as he was finished. After a moment, he added;
“Besides, you need the company.”

He had a point. She looked around once more, weighing her options.
“Well. You don’t need to go tonight. When the monster rears its ugly head, that’s when you go.” She decided eventually.
“I saw the beast circling overhead just the other day. Lord Hygelac told me I was mistaken…”

Another pause. Her already light eyes seemed to cloud up. They focused in on some unseen point and stuck there, unmoving.
“Do you think he thought I…lied?” She mused. The idea was disturbing.

The man beside her shook his head.
“You never lie.” He insisted.

“Maybe I have. Maybe once.”
“Never. You have never lied. You’re a king.”
“I am the king. A king does not lie.”

The moment passed. The silence gave way to laughter. She held her drink up in the air.
“A toast! To all of you!” She shouted. Her voice echoed throughout the empty hall in which she knew she saw those eleven men.
“I am so very blessed.”

[[ NOTE : Portions of this profile were lifted from Nick’s old character with his permission. Thanks! ]]

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