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Crescentia Avelina Abels


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Nov 11 2013, 10:18 AM
It was time to test another theory. The harbor was ablaze in explosions and destruction, and on the other side of the bridge was a park. It was in this park that a certain Magus named Kenji Chan was walking, avoiding all involvement with the conflict between Servants and choosing to let his Servant speak in riddles in his stead. This was a good strategy in that it kept him from dying at the hands of a Servant, and it didn't make him as much of a beacon for them since his Servant didn't accompany him. Only those who knew how to find Magi would be able to find him.

Unfortunately, that often resulted in it being another Magus doing so. From about a kilometer away, on top of one of the smaller buildings, a particular Magus was perched. She had an elaborate, but powerful bow in her hand and an arrow nocked, but not drawn yet. Her eyes were reinforced so she could clearly see him, even from this distance. She did not need to think about it, for she already knew her objective. It was research into the nature of Command Spells, and eliminating another Master in the war. A few casualties had already transpired, but they were not the cause nor did they get to witness them. This time, they would know for sure what happened.

Without a word, she raised the bow to level and pulled back the arrow, aiming her shot directly at the back of the Magus's head. One shot, one kill; she did not intend to allow him to discovery her presence. She was not an assassin, but she had the ability to act as a sniper. Pressing her finger down on the trigger present on the body of the bow, one of the six prana shots in the bow was expended, the shell being ejected out the hatch. The prana from it charged the arrow, making it an A-rank attack that should be able to break through almost any defense a Magus of lower ability could create.

Her fingers released the arrow, the slim projectile flying silently through the air and finding its mark. It made contact with the back of his head, but due to the overcharge in the arrow, it powered straight through his head and came out the front. There was no way for him to survive the damage to his brain, and so his body fell over lifeless. The arrow, on the otherhand, shattered on impact with the ground. It had already expended its prana to power through his skull, and so it was no better than a regular arrow when it hit the brick walk-way.

She waited a moment, and then another. She could see the Command Spells brightening for a moment on his body before fading, no longer being visible on him. Yet, they did not come to her. It seemed the Command Spells did not obey 'the superior Master'. They obeyed 'the original Master'. This was annoying, but informative, and with that she left her perch to return to base for now.

"Damn...another lost chance to acquire a Servant."
Oct 26 2013, 09:09 PM
It was well into the night when Crescentia decided to make her way out to the park. Her investigations of the previous Grail Wars had managed to yield some results as to the various locations the Grail had manifested in the past. Supposedly, there were about four possible locations within Fuyuki that the Grail could manifest. The first was the mountain with the temple on it; the second was the Church on the hill; the third was a European styled manor; and the last was a park. They seemed arbitrary, but they were locations where the leylines converged and created the circumstances necessary for the Grail to manifest.

"De viktigste magiske bane går tørr men likevel ... vil den gralen virkelig åpenbare som dette?" she muttered to herself as she stepped into the park, being the only other location she could investigate freely without issue. She did what she could at the Church and the manor, but since both were owned and operated by other parties involved, that was only so much without their knowing. The mountain, she had plenty of time with, and so now it was time to check the park. Wrapped in cloth in her left hand was Gunnhildr, contained in its sheath and then covered in cloth in the chance someone came out. She was in her casual outfit right now, so there was no need to make the sword's presence obvious. In her right hand was what looked like a dowsing rod with a small monitor attached to where the rod was bent.

"Håper det fungerer..." she muttered again, bumping her hand lightly against the cellphone in her skirt pocket. It was on, though she didn't think it would be needed for much. Raising the rod, it began to waver slightly before pointing towards the center of the park. She knew it was designed to detect where massive quantities of prana were amassed, not in the present, but in the past. Even then though, it was acting a bit more unusual than before. That wasn't too surprising though; Crescentia herself felt a bit off ever since she got near the park, let alone the feeling that she had when she was inside it. It was like...the area itself was dead, and no amount of planting would ever fix that.

As she approached the center of the park, the readings became even stranger, and the information began to display itself on the small "monitor". It was....a heavily cursed area?

"Som ikke gir mening. Dette er der gralen vises. Hvorfor ville det være forbannet? Var en kraftig stav brukes her av en tryllekunstner som skaffet gralen? Nei, det er ikke riktig. At gralen har ikke er fullført ennå, eller annet denne krigen ikke ville holde det gående." The pink-haired Magus's tone became a mix of confusion and annoyance, not quite certain herself yet of what this meant. Her grip on Gunnhildr tightened, and she felt herself go on edge. She wasn't sure why. Perhaps it was the area getting to her, or someone else's presence?
Sep 25 2013, 12:15 PM
Crescentia Avelina Abels


General Info

Name: Crescentia Avelina Abels
Age: 27
Classification: Magus of the Abels Clan
Gender: Female
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Servant: N/A


Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Pink
Height: 5' 6"
Weight: 132 Ib.

Appearance Description: Crescentia's body is that of a highly trained fighting machine, worked from youth into a prime condition. She is very heavily toned and most of her weight is muscle weight from constant training. Due to the inherent weakness in the upper body of women, she worked to overcome that with effort, so her arm muscles are much more developed than her leg muscles. This isn't to say she neglected her legs though, but one cannot swing a sword using one's legs, so she worked to ensure she would be able to continue wielding her blade in combat. Though she allowed her hair to grow out, she works to ensure it does not get in her way in a fight, keeping almost all of it tied behind her head in a long pony tail. She also does a braid running sideways to the back of her head on each side in order to keep most of the hair making up her bangs out of the way.

Her casual outfits tend to consist of long sleeves in some variety, pants or leggings, and in the case of the latter form of leg wear a skirt. Currently, she's fond of a white collared, long sleeve shirt though she often doesn't wear it the way its intended. She usually keeps the last couple buttons unbuttoned and the collar popped up. Over this, she wears a very light indigo sweater. She also chooses to wear an auburn/purple skirt and black leggings, with a pair of black loafers. Of course, when she intends to go into battle she dons the traditional combat gear of her clan, the Skelduz. Due to how abnormal the outfit looks by modern standards, she doesn't use it in any other set of circumstances, so it rarely sees use during the day except in a Magus community.


Elemental Affinity: None

Sorcery Trait: Knight Born: The special trait of the blood carried by Abel that had long been in his family even before he established them as a family of Magi. Any born of the Abels blood is a natural born warrior, with the Origin of Conflict. This Sorcery Trait prevents the heirs from having an Elemental Affinity, but they have a natural talent with material transmutation spells and self-modification. Their Origin forces all born of Abels blood to pursue active lives often on the field of battle, almost inevitably becoming warriors.

Additionally, while multiple children can be born, the one who is to inherit the magical knowledge of the clan will be marked by also inheriting the long-held Mystic Eyes of Refraction that can be traced back to Abel. Those who came before him all miraculously emerged from hails of arrows unscathed, as if the arrows had been averted from them. This was originally believed to be the blessings of the Gods, though with the fourth head, it was determined that it was actually a set of Mystic Eyes that are passed down to each generation.

Magic Circuit Count: 30 inborn circuits, with an additional 80 circuits in the crest due to the numerous clan heads that have come and gone. Crescentia's Circuits can output about 600 units of prana, and her crest can output about 2000 units, giving her a total maximum output of 2600 units.

  • Mystic Eyes of Refraction: A variation of Mystic Eyes of Distortion, they allow the owner to change the trajectory of flying objects, even those with great supernatural properties. Capable of redirecting magecraft as well provided it is physical interference magecraft that the owner can perceive via sight. Something on the level of a Noble Phantasm can be averted, but not completely redirected, and changing the trajectory of such a spiritually powerful object places a heavy strain on the mind of the owner. Were it to be done multiple times in succession, it would likely result in the frying of the circuit and blindness of the owner.
  • Swordsmanship: Having trained in the arts of combat developed by her clan formally for over a thousand years for most of her life, it could be said that Crescentia is among the masters in the art of swordsmanship. It will be difficult for a human without equivalent training to match her in a match of blades. That being said, her training is thoroughly European in nature, with some faint influence of Japanese swordsmanship. So in the face of a Master Japanese swordsman, she will be caught off guard due to the unfamiliarity with the more fully developed fighting style.
  • Archery: Having trained in the arts of combat developed by her clan formally for over a thousand years for most of her life, it could be said that Crescentia is among the masters in the art of archery. It will be difficult for a human without equivalent training to match her.
  • Throwing: Having trained in the arts of combat developed by her clan formally for over a thousand years for most of her life, it could be said that Crescentia is among the masters in the art of throwing weapons. It will be difficult for a human without equivalent training to match her.
  • High Physical Fitness: Keeping herself physically fit since her youth in order to maintain her constant training, Crescentia is at the peak of physical human fitness for her age. Even without reinforcement, she is on par or perhaps beyond a trained athlete.
  • Unarmed Combat: While this is not the primary focus of the Abels clan training, some unarmed combat is taught in the unfortunate event that one is disarmed. Ideally, their training will keep them from being disarmed to begin with, but in the event one is without a weapon this was incorporated to allow them to defend themselves. While this skill is far from master level, it is close to advanced level, permitting for most of lower skill to be fended off with ease.
  • Combat Instinct: A sort of developed sense that has grown over time and exposure to combat, allowing for accurate enactment of strategies even in the chaos of a fight. Additionally, she has a knack for at least mentally going over the enemy's options to better defend herself against things such as ambushes.
  • Abels Clan Thaumaturgical Crest: The crest of the Abels clan, which is currently in Crescentia's possession. Due to the number of family heads the clan has had, the crest itself has become incredibly complex. It's center is located on the torso, just above the heart, though the crest itself covers the entire torso and extends to the biceps and thighs. It carries a number of spells heavily refined and stabilized for combat that revolve around improving the Magus's performance. Integrated around the time of the eleventh head, Gradation Air began finding it's way into their combat style, in order to create immediate armaments and ammunition such as arrows or throwing daggers. While the spells inside of the Crest are limited in terms of the actual spells used, the formulas for said spells are modified to execute specific functions, making them much more stabilized and easier to use in combat. Generally, most spells inside of the crest have been refined and improved to the point of nearly all of them being Single-Action speed due to the specialization of the clan as a whole.

  • Gunnhildr: A Mystic Code in the default form of a sword, it was originally forged by the sixth head as a standard European longsword, approximately four feet in length. It has since been modified, once by the twenty-first head, and again by the twenty-ninth, Crescentia. In it's original form, the Mystic Code was capable of altering it's physical form through highly specialized transmutation magecraft, pre-programmed into the the Mystic Code, to allow it to shift between the form of a sword and the form of a bow. Despite being composed of metal, the properties adopted by the Mystic Code in bow form allowed it the flexibility necessary through Alteration magecraft without sacrificing the structural integrity of the metal.

    When it was first modified by the twenty-first head, the blade was reforged using techniques acquired from Japan and resulted in a stronger cutting edge, but with only one actual edge to it. However, as it would turn out, this would make the transmutation into the bow form easier to accomplish due to less modifications from the blade being required. When Crescentia inherited the Mystic Code, she saw fit to improve upon it once again using techniques and theories she had developed.

    In it's current state, aside from adopting a much more 'cutting edge' exterior, the Gunnhildr has much more improved functionality. First, it was granted a third "state", aside from standard sword and bow forms. She modified it to be able to adopt a "whip sword" form, with the blade segmented and connected by cables, to allow more versatility in melee combat.

    The more important change she made though was the development of a Shell System. Taking the theory of Jewel Magecraft and the premise behind Amplifier-type Mystic Codes, she designed a method to create shells, similar to those of a shotgun (though sized to be the size of bullets for a hand-gun), that could be used to store prana. By then loading these shells into a compartment within the weapon, the shells could be expended for temporary boosts on attacks. A typical shell holds enough Prana for an A-rank attack, and the system built into Gunnhildr allows for up to six of these shells to be loaded at once.

    Aside from simply adding extra power to a regular attack, the shells serve other purposes. By their nature, they act as back-up prana storage in the event Crescentia requires more. However, this prana can also be used in conjunction with spells cast using the wielder's prana to boost the spells themselves to a much higher degree of effectiveness. Aside from the six shells loaded in Gunnhildr at any given point, Crescentia usually keeps about six on her person pre-charged to reload during a fight, giving her typical access to twelve shells unless she brought extra knowing she'd go into a tough battle. Without Reinforcement active, she could reload it from empty to full in about a minute, though with Reinforcement this time is cut down drastically.

    Gunnhildr Sword Form
    Gunnhildr Bow Form
    Gunnhildr Whip Sword Form

  • Skelduz: Though not a Mystic Code in it's own right, the clothing worn by Crescentia into battle is something that has been handed down and worn by every head of the Abels family since the sixth, though they were initially modeled after the battle garbs of Abel himself. The primary piece, a sleeveless purple tunic, is weaved using special prana-infused threads, the prana itself carrying a Reinforcement spell to improve the durability of the cloth to the point of being akin to wearing flexible plate armor. It has to be rewoven every few generations, so it's a general rule of the clan that every third head is to reweave the cloth with freshly imbued threads. It was just rewoven with the twenty-seventh head, so the family head after Crescentia will have to reweave it. The base piece was shaped like a sleeveless tunic, with the front draping down below the hem in a manner reminiscent of a loin cloth.

    The base piece, when it was originally woven, was simply the tunic, though over time other family heads have added to the battle ensemble. Metal-plated boots and vambraces were added around the time of the twelfth head, a small plate at the base of the neck for protection against throat blows by the thirteenth, and tassets by the fourteenth. Additionally, around the time of the seventeenth head continuing into the eighteenth, a small jacket was added to the top and a detached cloak was attached to the tassets. These were both woven with different types of thread than that of the main piece, geared primarily to offer spell resistance as opposed to physical resistance. These have to be rewoven every two generations, so with them having been completed with the eighteenth, then they too will be rewoven by the thirtieth head. They protect the body from spells by dispersing the impact of the spell on the body using an inherent prana defense, reducing the damage and effectiveness of the spell by one Rank. However, spells of D-Rank or lower are weak enough to where the prana defense is able to block it completely.

    With Crescentia, she made her own modification in that she added a layer of modern day Kevlar to the mix. Though such a thing would normally be against the policy of a Magus, the wide-spread use of firearms on the battlefield made it difficult to go in without protection from them, especially with individuals such as the Magus Killer. Thus, a tunic of Kevlar is worn underneath the original tunic, though it reaches lower than the tunic and forms a short skirt. Additionally, sleeves of Kevlar are worn over the arms. The reason she does not completely cover herself in Kevlar is the fact of flexibility and movement. The primary threatened areas were her arms, which wielded her weapon, and her torso, which was the location of her vitals. By covering both of those areas, she covered the main areas of threat without reducing her mobility. The Kevlar is often reinforced through magecraft to levels normal Kevlar in this day cannot reach, making it much more durable.

Reinforcement: Likely the most commonly used Magecraft of the Abels clan, it is an art they have practiced since Abel himself, defining and redefining uses for the spell. Rather than simply practicing Reinforcement as a whole though, to make the mysteries easier to stabilize, the clan has, over many generations, modified the basic equation or formula for Reinforcement to serve specific ends. By specifying each one, they made the mystery much more stable because of it's predefined use, and thus made each spell easier to actualize. All of these individual formulas for Reinforcement are stored within the family crest, and so should any head discover a new way to apply Reinforcement to their combat, they are to add it to the crest for the next generation to utilize and further stabilize. All spells under this type are classified as Single-Action due to their high specialization and centuries of stabilization.
  • "Speed" - B+ Rank: A spell used to reinforce the quickness of one's reflexes and the distance one can cover in a short period of time. Does not improve the mind's ability to process information, but if one has developed muscle memory for actions they will be performed at a much faster rate even if the mind cannot issue the command in time. Default strength is equivalent to that of a Dead Apostle, however additional prana can be added to the spell to amplify this effect to beyond even that, achieving a level akin to low-power Assassin-class Servants.

  • "Power" - B+ Rank: A spell used to reinforce the strength of one's muscles to allow for a higher output of power. This increases the power of one's strikes in unarmed combat, the strength to swing a sword, the distance covered with each step, the power and range on a thrown weapon and the power one can put into a shot from a bow. Default strength is equivalent to that of a Dead Apostle, however additional prana can be added to the spell to amplify this effect beyond even that, achieving a level akin to low-power Assassin-class Servants..

  • "Durability" - B+ Rank: A spell used to reinforce the resistance of one's skin to outside influence. Makes it harder to break the skin on the user and thus increases resistance to attacks aimed to induce blood loss, such as slashing or piercing attacks. Can be applied to one's equipment to increase it's hardness and make it more resistant to being broken. Default strength makes it difficult to break through the guard without attacks of equal rank in one shot, however additional prana can be added to the spell to amplify this effect to beyond even that, making it possible to resist even A-Rank attacks once.

  • "Constitution" - B+ Rank: A spell used to reinforce the hardiness of one's internal structures and organs. Meant to increase their resistance to outside force that does not rely on breaking the skin to inflict harm, such as bludgeoning force. It additionally increases the processing power of one's organs and muscles to allow for longer activity time without suffering from fatigue. Default power allows for resistance against attacks up to equal rank and physical constitution equal to that of a Dead Apostle, however prana can be added to the spell to amplify this effect beyond even that, making it possible to resist even A-rank attacks once and the ability to perform strenuous activity for an extended period of time akin to a low-power Assassin-class Servant.

  • "Sharpness" - B Rank: A spell used to reinforce the sharpness of one's weapons if they have a cutting edge or a piercing point, such as a sword or arrows. Allows for greater cutting or piercing strength to break through harder targets. At this rank one can pierce through a layer of steel with the appropriate thickness for plate mail once with ease, each subsequent layer requiring more application of force.

  • "Sight" - C Rank: A spell used to reinforce the quality and range of one's vision. At this rank, allows one to track high moving projectiles within a range of two kilometers, and site targets from the same range with high accuracy. However, this also makes one more prone to sensual overload.

  • "Sound" - C Rank: A spell used to reinforce the quality and range of one's hearing. At this rank, allows one to hear low volume noises from approximately one kilometer away and roughly pinpoint their location, closer ranges allowing for higher levels of precision. However, this also makes one more prone to sensual overload.

  • "Smell" - C Rank: A spell used to reinforce the quality and range of one's sense of smell. At this rank, allows one to detect scents from up to a kilometer away if provided with a sample. Attempts to mask one's scent reduce this range by half, and an additional penalty is applied if there are a high concentration of scents in one area or the target area is windy. However, this also makes one more prone to sensual overload.

  • "Touch" - B Rank: A spell used to reinforce the quality of one's sense of touch. At this rank, allows one to feel vibrations in the air caused by projectiles, even if they cannot be perceived by sight. Does not apply to parts of one's body covered by external garments, meaning only exposed skin is able to feel said vibrations. However, this also makes one more prone to sensual overload.

  • "Thought" - B Rank: A spell used to reinforce the ability of the brain to process information. Allows for an effect equivalent to that of the Thought Acceleration spell of equivalent rank, making it possible to process information at a superhuman rate and react accordingly if muscle memory does not permit. However, if presented with too much information from one's senses, it can result in a mental overload.

  • "Healing" - C Rank: A spell used to reinforce the body's natural ability to heal itself. Allows for accelerated healing in accordance with the body's natural abilities on par with low level regeneration. Cannot replicate lost limbs but can quickly seal wounds from missing limbs and repair internal damage. At this rank allows for viable mid-battle healing as long as prana is provided to fuel the spell, minor injuries repairing instantly and major wounds short of lost limbs taking up to a minute to fully heal.
Alteration: Though not as close to the true specialty as Reinforcement, Alteration Magecraft plays an equally important role in the combat of the Abels clan. By being able to use this Magecraft, they could grant themselves and their weapons new abilities on the fly to give them the edge in combat. It was seen as their "bag of tricks" when Reinforcement was not enough. The formulas in this area are still just as specialized as in their other magecraft to allow for ease of use. They are all Single-Action spells.
  • "Quake" - C-Rank: A spell made to temporarily grant the quality of 'earth' to a given weapon. When the weapon makes contact with a target, it sends seismic tremors throughout the body of the target, throwing them off balance and feeling as if the ground is shaking beneath them in accordance with a magnitude four earthquake. Often includes a side effect of nausea or dizziness. Effectiveness is reduced by half against targets not in contact with the ground, only causing the seismic tremors to shake their body.

  • "Gust" - C-Rank: A spell made to temporarily grant the quality of 'wind' to a given weapon. When the weapon makes contact with a target, it causes a burst of violent wind to emit from the point of contact and blow back the target ten feet assuming they are an adult male. Effectiveness is increased by double against targets not in contact with the ground, increasing the distance they are tossed by double.

  • "Burn" - C-Rank: A spell made to temporarily grant the quality of 'fire' to a given weapon. When the weapon makes contact with a target, it causes the area around the point of contact to heat up extremely quickly. On living things, this often results in them being burned without appropriate resistance to high levels of heat. On objects, depending on what it is, it results in it either being superheated or simply breaking from the sudden expansion. It simply depends on whether or not what is hit is designed to withstand high levels of heat.

  • "Drown" - C-Rank: A spell made to temporarily grant the quality of 'water' to a given weapon. When the weapon makes contact with a target, it causes a burst of water to emit from the point of contact. The water is created utilizing water vapors in the air and the prana of the spell, concentrating it at the point of contact and then explosively releasing it outward. While this spell does not do much damage and rarely can accomplish more than 'soaking' the target, it is a potent catalyst for some of the other spell effects capable via their Alteration.

  • "Freeze" - D-Rank: A spell made to temporarily grant the quality of 'ice' to a given weapon. When the weapon makes contact with a target, it causes the area around the point of contact to freeze over if the conditions are correct. That is, there is an excess of water present on the surface of the target to actually freeze. The origin of the water is irrelevant so long as it is present.

  • "Burst" - C-Rank: A spell made to temporarily grant the quality of 'wind' to one's body. In this case, the target of the spell is at least one of the limbs of the user, perhaps all of them if enough prana is used. Once that property is temporarily granted to the limbs, when the prana is 'expelled' from a given point in one's limb, a burst of wind is launched from the given point. The actual use of it varies, as does the point of expulsion, so it makes a useful utility spell.

  • "Shock" - D-Rank: A spell made to temporarily grant the quality of 'electricity' to a given weapon. When the weapon makes contact with a target, it causes the point of contact to be electrically charged as if struck by a sudden, powerful jolt of electricity. It's enough to cause pain on its own, like a weakened taser, but not enough to knock someone out. However, if conductive materials are present at the point of contact (Such as water or metal), then the effect is amplified in accordance with the amount of conductive material in proximity to the point of contact. In the case of objects, they simply become electrically charged if they are composed of a material that conducts electricity.

  • "Shatter" - D-Rank: A spell made to temporarily grant the quality of 'destruction' to a given weapon. When the weapon makes contact with a target, the prana of the spell is used to widen structural flaws in the target to cause it to break. This is primarily used in context to objects, however if a living being is 'broken' enough inherently to allow it then it can cause severe damage to a living creature. For example, if it made contact with someone's arm that had already been broken, then that arm would have enough flaws present in its current structure to cause it to break even further. However, the spell's original purpose is to allow for the destruction of an opponent's weapon rendering them unarmed.

  • "Defend" - C-Rank: A spell made to temporarily grant the quality of 'protection' to a given weapon. Unlike many of the other spells, this is meant to temporarily make a weapon into a shield. The Abels style was never one that made heavy use of an actual shield, as it took away from their ability to wield their weapon. Thus, the spell was developed in order to allow for a sword to act as a shield. The prana of the spell itself is used to project a contained barrier between the sword and an oncoming attack. The barrier is about as durable as reinforced steel, making it a solid form of protection for one who never carries an actual shield.
Gradation Air: A later addition to the Abels family crest, Gradation Air was introduced when ranged combat was a major part of the Abels family skill set. It was added in order to prevent the instance of "running out of ammo" by making it so that as long as their circuits could still process prana, they had ammunition, which was generally a much higher capacity than what could be done in terms of carrying physical ammo. They only have two spells in this field, but they're refined and specialized to the point where it's a practical option for them in combat, unlike with most Magi who simply feel that Gradation Air is an inefficient, inferior magecraft. These spells are considered One-Line incantations, simply requiring the uttering of the name of the spell.
  • "Dagger" - E-Rank: A spell used to project throwing daggers for use. A single casting of the spell allows for a maximum of three daggers to be made, appearing in the hand of the caster. The construction of the daggers programmed into the formula makes them ideal for throwing, being based on an actual dagger forged at the time of the spell's development, however it makes it inferior in quality for close range combat compared to that of a dagger designed for it. The daggers possess no special qualities of their own and will fade after a minute if not used or broken.

  • "Arrow" - E-Rank: A spell used to project arrows for use. A single casting of the spell allows for a maximum of one arrow to be made, appearing in the hand of the caster. The construction of the arrow programmed into the formula makes it ideal for being fired from a bow, being based on an actual arrow constructed at the time of the spell's development, however it has no special qualities and will fade after a minute if not used or broken.
Self-Modification - A-Rank - Ten-Count: An eldritch ritual developed by the Abels clan as a last resort to continue the art of combat. Developed utilizing the resources present at the Sea of Estray, allows for the re-attachment of one's own body parts if they are lost in the midst of combat. Due to the length of the aria, it takes a minute to cast the spell and requires the body part(s) in question to be present for reattachment. Perhaps the more eldritch aspect of it is that if the body parts of the caster that are lost are destroyed, the ritual allows for the integration of the body parts of others to replace the ones that are lost. This requires the target limbs being used to already be removed from their original owner and that they are at least somewhat similar to that of the caster's own limbs. The greater the difference between the caster and the owner of the replacement limb, the greater the chance of rejection.


Personality: Crescentia has a nature one would not normally see in a modern human being, and is a tribute to the long lasting tradition of the Abels clan. She has the mentality of a warrior, seeing challenges as conflicts to be defeated and people as either friends or foes. It cannot be said that she is victorious until that which stands before her has fallen in defeat, and she remains as the victor. Her very nature lends itself to conflict, making her a rather confrontational person when opposed by others even in something as simple as discussion. The constant analysis of people as with or against her gives her a black and white kind of mentality when it comes to people, inherently not caring about the nature of a person so much as whether they are aiding her or trying to hinder her.

That being said, a developed trait she has makes her more Knightly in behavior than some of her ancestors. She prefers honor and does not necessarily enjoy deception, believing it to be something true warriors do not require. This does give her something of a filter in regards to who is with or against her, preferring to be allied with those who also believe in honor. She's not necessarily an upholder of peace and order though, as that would go against the very core of her being. To her, being honorable does not necessarily mean being peaceful or maintaining order. Rather, it means being upfront and forward with one's intents, ensuring a conflict is one fought with both parties in agreement so that no matter who is the loser, there is no regret to be had beyond one's own short-comings. She will not automatically fight someone she can tell is weaker than her, but if that person seeks to fight her with their all, then she will gladly reciprocate. A fight is not a fight unless one puts their all into it, so 'holding back' is simply an insult to both sides.

She does not regret her heritage at all and embraces it, working to ensure she continues her line just like those before her. As such, she's already a mother of two kids, but she does not have a motherly attitude. She knows that her son is going to be raised to be a warrior, and inherit the family crest and armory just like she did. While her daughter is not in the know of this, it does not change her attitude towards her at all. Her maternal instinct overall is subdued by the impulses of her Origin, and so she continues to travel and seek conflict to hone the family craft while the children are raised at home by her husband. Her priorities are to her clan and to the the continuation of their tradition before being her own person. This is a mix of her upbringing, the Sorcery Trait of their clan, and her own pride.

Character Color: White
Likes: Conflict, Honor
Dislikes: Dishonor, Perfect Peace
Natural Enemy: Con-men
Hobbies: Training, Exercising, Further perfecting her clan's Magecraft

Parents: Karl Kristoffer Abels (Father, Died 20 years ago at the age of 25), Iris Sonja Abels (Mother, Age 43)
Relatives: Christen Eirik Abels (Grandfather, Age 63), Sigfrid Kaja Abels (Grandmother, Died 38 years ago at the age of 27), Enok Christen Abels (Younger Brother, Died 7 years ago at the age of 18)
Significant Other Hans Ulrik Abels (Husband, Age 29)
Children: Brita Kristine Abels (Daughter, Age 4), Fredrik Henning Abels (Son, Age 6, Next Heir)


The actual Abels clan of Magi can be traced back to around 900 AD, but their heritage is known at least among those in the clan to hail from much further. It was around that time that the current successor of the bloodline, Abel, had become a Nobleman in a newly unified Norway, which back then was not known as such. With his newfound political standing, he had founded the Abels house, to declare his future successors as stemming from his own accomplishments. Around the same time, Abel had discovered his own capacity for Magecraft, among other things, and so began working to establish his family in the magical world. The Abels clan, since then, has been a part of the Sea of Estray for almost as long as they've been around. Various traits of the clan make it's heirs extremely adept at combat, much more so than other Magi, though they are capable of little else in regards to Magecraft and are bound to die young on the battlefield, so family heads come and go quite frequently. On average, about two to three family heads come and go every hundred years, and Crescentia makes the 29th head of the Abels clan.

Sigfrid was born as the twenty-seventh head of the Abels clan, fully accepting her role and working to keep their line going despite the slowly pacifying nature of the world. During her time, she rewove the main piece of Skelduz as was her duty, and when her son was born she taught him to sew. This son, Karl, would be the twenty-eighth head and would have to reweave the jackets and anti-magecraft defenses of Skelduz. Sigfrid would transfer the Family Crest to Karl and grant him the family inheritances before going to join the Vietnam War, dying on the field of battle as was her fate. Karl would then continue the family, reweaving the jacket of Skelduz, and would give birth to a baby girl first. She would be named Crescentia, and two years later a son who would be named Enok. Crescentia was to be the next head though, so she inherited everything of the clan and was raised in the world of Magecraft.

Thankfully, her training was not contingent on her father being alive. It was a measure developed by Abel because he knew those who followed would be great warriors that die for honor and glory on the battlefield. It was a good thing too, because Karl was killed when Crescentia was seven years old. He was participating in a skirmish in the Iran-Iraq war and encountered the Magus Killer on the battlefield. Due to his anti-Magus tactics, despite the skills of the family he found his end. Despite this, Crescentia was still raised as the next heir to the clan and she did not dispute it. She knew she had to live for her father, achieve things he could not. It was for the future of their clan, after all.

The heir was then raised by her mother, Iris, in the art of the clan. For her, there was no "standard education", as she was taught everything she needed to know at home. There was no point in a proper education because her life was laid out before her the moment she was born the heir. Enok was also "home schooled" with her, unaware of the nature of the clan or his older sister's purpose in life, but even at a young age he expressed interest in joining the military. There was something of an influence from the clan's Sorcery Trait even in the non-heirs, and it had been manifesting in him. During the times that Crescentia was training in magecraft, deemed "mother-daughter time", Enok was often kept distracted by their grandfather's war stories. She was able to train in actual combat with Enok though, as it was not entirely reliant on Magecraft being used, so they both excelled in that regard.

When Crescentia was twenty, and Enok was eighteen, the two ended up parting ways. Crescentia remained at home and continued her training while Enok enlisted in the military. He got in, as one of the top recruits of his group, and was soon fielded to handle a skirmish with some higher ranking officers to allow field experience. Despite his success in training though, he died in this skirmish; an enemy sniper got him while he was taking out another enemy soldier. The funeral was short for him, and instead of sadness, Crescentia felt irritation and actually a bit of jealousy. It was not a feeling she wanted, but it was her Origin at work. She wanted conflict; she wanted to get out on the battlefield. Despite the fact she was born first, Enok got to die on the battlefield before her.

From then on, Crescentia began going to battles as a mercenary being hired directly from the clan, allowing her to gain practical experience and not just theoretical. Around that time they went ahead and found a husband for Crescentia, a man named Hans from a smaller clan in the area. He was decently powerful, but due to the age of the Abels clan, he was adopted into their clan and then wed to Crescentia. The whole process was rather rushed, due to trying to ensure she would have an heir before she died. The death of Enok scared Iris a little bit. So during the early stages of the ensuing pregnancy, she still went out to fight, but during the latter half she remained at home continuing training in a way that did not risk harming the baby.

Their son was born, named Fredrick, and was determined to be the heir due to also possessing the clan Mystic eyes. After he was born though, Crescentia resumed going out to the battlefield despite the fact she had a child. This was the nature of the clan, after all. They sought conflict above all else and could not thrive in peace. Even with a child she could not stop, but in her mind this was for his own good. He would be raised as her successor and be prepared to continue the duty laid out before them.

During one particular return home, Hans was incredibly glad she returned. Though their marriage was originally out of duty and had no romantic feelings in it, he realized his feelings during her various absences. A few months later, Crescentia realized she was pregnant with another child. Thus, just like before, she was forced to return during its latter stages. With all the down time from the pregnancy though, Crescentia had time to think. She had known that her children would end up as she did, but the impact of that did not hit until then. The world was getting slowly more peaceful; they were no longer in the warring ages of the past. Conflict existed, but it was slowly being resolved in ways off the battlefield. Soon, their clan would have no place in the world and die off. After existing for so many years, they would simply fade from the Earth because people decided to talk out their differences.

She could not bear this realization. To her, it was equivalent to the Atlas prediction of the end of the world. When their second child was born, a girl they named Brita, she left once more, seeking out a means to perpetuate physical conflict in the world on a grander scale. A perfectly peaceful world was the bane of their existence, but they could not simply start killing people who annoyed them. No, they needed a way to create more conflict without being the origin of the conflict itself. That would simply make them a target. It was during this search that Crescentia heard of the Holy Grail of Fuyuki, a powerful wish-granting relic that Magi fought over once every sixty years. At the time of discovery though, the fifth war had just recently concluded only ten years after the fourth. Curious about this change in timing, and hopeful that perhaps the timing would change again, she came to Fuyuki in to get the Grail and induce more physical conflict in the world.

RP Sample

It had been a little while now since she arrived in Fuyuki City. She managed to get a hotel room in the..."Shin-toe" district? The language was still extremely foreign to her, so some things sounded really odd. Either way, she managed to get a hotel room and has gotten by thanks to being an obvious foreigner. She knew enough English to communicate with those who knew it here, but she pretty much knew nothing of Japanese. Thankfully, it shouldn't cause too much issue here. So long as she focused on her goal, needing to know Japanese likely wouldn't come up. The people were incredibly polite and worked to accommodate her. On top of that, ideally, she would not be here long.

"Der vil den Hellige Gralen vis opp?" (Where would the Holy Grail show up?) she thought aloud, walking the streets of the "Me-ya-ma" district in the dead of night. It made it easier to scout the city this way, and she did a patrol every night to monitor for any changes. She knew the Grail War had started, as she could feel the greater presence of powerful spiritual bodies in the city. Yet somehow....despite her intense wishes to acquire the Grail, she did not manifest the command spells she knew Masters had. Her summoning rituals were met with nothing but empty air.

"Som kvinne ... hun sa det ville fungere." (That woman...she said it would work.) her tone was shifting from a calm one to that of annoyance the more she thought on it. She couldn't claim the Grail without a Servant, and if all of them had already been summoned, then she couldn't even be a participant. How would she get the Grail then? It was impossible! To let off a bit of steam, she slammed her fist into the palm of her other hand, before taking a deep breath and deciding to practice some English to regain her focus.

"No...it is not over yet. I can still do this. There are ways. We agreed that there are ways. Hva er det du sier...'Where there is a will, there is a way'?" Her mind was recollecting itself as she continued to think on ways to fix the problem, rather than the problem itself. If all the Servants were summoned, theoretically if she could find a master she could kill them and contract with the Servant. That would hing on the Servant being cooperative though. Perhaps she could find a Master to cooperate with that does not really want the Grail for their own ends, though the odds of that were low. Still....

"For Fredrik, jeg må gjøre dette. (For Fredrik, I must do this.) I cannot afford to back down now. If this is to be the end of our clan, I shall make it to a glorious end even Abel would be proud of."

Face Claim

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