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Yukiteru Springfield


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Nov 16 2013, 01:54 AM
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<div style='width: 400px; color: #ffffff; font-family: verdana; font-size: 10px; padding: 0px; border: 0px; text-align:justify; line-height:10px; text-align:justify; '>----A Man Thrust into a Whirlwind; The Last Master has been Chosen----</div><br>

<div style='width: 380px; background-color: #ffffff; opacity:.4; color: #000000; font-family: arial; font-size: 11px; padding: 10px; border: 0px; text-align:justify; line-height:11px;'>

It was a dark and stormy night.<p>

No, it really was!<p>

Well, I suppose all told, the day could have gone worse. Perhaps prematurely, that was the thought that had been going through Detective Yukiteru Springfield's mind as the misty drizzle of Fuyuki's coldest night in a month pattered softly against the town. Rather than a violent storm like one might expect, it was a gentle and almost serene rain. At least, it would have been, had it not been starting to get cold already. No, that was wrong - it was the wrong month for winter, but it just happened to be a cold night. The detective's black, polished dress shoes tapped rhythmically against the street as the chilly wind lashed lazily at his jacket and hair. His snow white bangs were mostly kept in order by a billed hat, something he had picked up to help dissuade the dismal rain from completely soaking him.<p>

Yukiteru Springfield had taken it upon himself to go on a walk through Fuyuki's residential area near Miyama - or rather, his legs had naturally carried him all this way from the bridge, and he had spent his time thinking to himself. No one really got to see him for very long, and those who did paid him little mind. It was hard to glimpse the unique color of his tonal hair thanks to his hat, and most disregarded him as just another passerby. He had wanted some air after a day of consulting with the Fuyuki Police Department - they were tense, having heard of his reputation as a world famous investigator who maintained anonymity in spite of occasional calls for transparency from the same agencies he helped on a regular basis. Ultimately, he supposed he couldn't blame them, but he would need to have a talk with Au later. He did not understand why they still had concerns - or rather, he did, but after proving himself by solving the decade-old child abduction murder cases, he had hoped the police force would be a little more cooperative.<p>

The streets were slick with rainfall, although they could hardly be called hazardous. If this particular night weren't proving to be so chilly, then he might have taken an interest in running in this weather. As it was now, though, he was thankful for his jacket and hat. They shielded him from most of the rain, even as he walked a treeline past the school. It had been several blocks since he had sauntered past the currently empty Homurahara Gakuen, and he was coming on where he recalled the Ryuudouji Temple to be located. In his mind's eye, a flawless copy of the town map flashed in his head. His own crimson gaze flickered left and right, practically committing every pebble to memory. He liked to see the world as a jigsaw puzzle, even when just looking at maps. And then, when he went to a place in person, he would allow his mind to connect the pieces they had already gleaned. It was a hobby of his, and not one that made much sense - but when your mind was a Perpetual Motion engine in its own right, you found things to think about or your brain exploded. <p>

Probably. <p>


"...!?" Without him giving the command, his vermilion gaze seemed to go into autopilot. He knew what this meant by now - he was going to have his eyes drawn to something unusual. Something that could be called "Fate" or a "Chance". Evidence that he would otherwise miss, or a glimpse of an important individual or event. He wasn't always sure, but more often than not he could figure it out pretty quickly. That is, about ninety percent of the time it was an almost effortless whim to deduce just what he was supposed to be seeing. His eyes were automatically drawn to various things, and normally he immediately recognized what they were trying to tell him. In this case, however, he did not see anything. He came to a stop because of that, his eyes finally giving control back to him. Yet, even as he stared up into the shadowy canopy of the mountain forest, he did not know what he was supposed to be looking at.<p>

To his human mind, vast though it was, he was only staring at empty space. The shrubbery of some overhanging, unshaven treetops that needed to be trimmed back. His pupils narrowed, and he poured more of his brain power into "Perceiving" and "Recognition". They flickered left and right, performing tight circles and parallel scanning the slightly exposed canopy of interwoven, leafy branches every which way. Still, he could see nothing...<p>

At least, that was the case until the trees parted, and faster than lightning itself...

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Oct 29 2013, 08:55 PM
Yukiteru Springfield


General Info

Name: Yukiteru Springfield
Age: Lel no
Gender: Male
Alignment: Lawful Good/Neutral Good
Servant: Hawwah [Assassin]


Eye Color: Crimson Red
Hair Color: Snow White
Height: 172.72 Centimeters
Weight: 65.77 Kilograms

Appearance Description: The first things people inevitably notice about Yukiteru are the evident, lingering traces of albinism in his bloodline. This is only natural - even his mother named him, on her deathbed - for the unique color of his hair. It is kept clean - that is, he does wash it and use shampoo as any normal person would, but he does not usually bother fighting with it using a comb. His hair is both naturally neat and messy, depending upon one's standards. On either side of his head his hair hangs down past his ears, and his bangs cover his forehead but he ensures that his vision is not obstructed by them. In the back, his hair reaches down to the nape of his neck - clean and proper, yet naturally "messy" and rebellious, his hair without a doubt is what first draws the eye. White, like snow or ash, and as natural to him as his equally unique eyes or pale skin.

Those eyes of his are the second thing people notice - they draw most people in, with their unusual, vermilion hue. The sharpness of his gaze alone can reflect the cool intellect with which he operates and for which he is known, but his expression can also be more passive and calm. Red is the color of fire and blood, both things often associated with power or fierceness. Yet, fire is also a purifying element not originally known for its burning, destructive power. Likewise, his eyes are pure in more ways than one, and are not filtered by the human condition nor pigment. They can show - as windows to the soul - as much of him as anyone's eyes can. If people observe his eyes closely, they will see them constantly moving, noticing, watching the world around him. His eyes constantly look not just at situation and people, but much more deeply into both.

The rest of his physical appearance is not so impressive. His frame is average and could only be called "Athletic" at best. If only because of the nature of his upbringing, it was required of him to maintain a certain level of physical condition. He is well built beneath his clothing, but not so much that it is easy to tell with his entire outfit on. His body can move the way it needs to, when it needs to - He has spent a long time mastering the eclectic, hidden art of "Baritsu", and practiced both Parkour and Swimming for good measure and out of personal enjoyment. Biking is also something he has come to enjoy, making his body both durable and fit - yet, not allowing him the same level of physical performance as an Olympian or even a single-skilled jock.

As for his sense of fashion, it is rather formal even on a day-to-day basis. At a minimum, he usually wears a white, button-down dress shirt with a collar - and wears a white, short-sleeved cotton t-shirt beneath that. Most often, he will also secure a black tie about his neck beneath the collar of his shirt. A pair of black slacks is the penultimate piece of this clothing puzzle, although the color is not a necessity per se. Lastly, he always wears dark crew socks and hard, nicely-polished dress shoes or loafers for footwear. Usually, the shoes he wears have steel-toes, and very possibly compartments within them. The most optional piece of his ensemble is a suit-jacket which he may wear open, usually blue or black in color and imitating the style of a London Fog Coat though it lacks the length. His watch, jacket, tie, and shoes are all modified in some form or another - usually as a result of his detective work.



~Book of the All-Seeing Eye :: - The Pure Eyes given to Yukiteru Inoue for the lifetime of justice his father accomplished. If dedicating oneself to the Church can create miracles of faith, then even other disciplines can become a legacy just as admirable. These eyes are the embodiment of his father and mother's lifelong pursuit of justice - and discovery. No abnormality can escape these eyes - they are naturally drawn to that which can not be seen. Specifically, these eyes are drawn to "Opportunity" and driven by both a cognitive and subconscious connection to Yukiteru's mind. Whether an "Opportunity" means an opening in a concrete attack style, a piece of forensic evidence he might otherwise miss, or an escape where none should be had - these eyes will seek it out regardless of his own awareness. When used in tandem with his natural allocation of brain capacity, he can perform what he calls a "Sherlock Scan", a borderline predictive foresight that is usually spot on thanks to his own inductive and deductive reasoning.

~ Book of Rising Intellect :: - This is the unique ability Yukiteru has possessed naturally, since birth. There is a saying in the modern world: "People, even geniuses, only ever use ten percent of their brain." This is hyperbole, of course, but is an established truth in that no person uses every part of their brain every minute of every day. Even geniuses - when remembering one thing or thinking about a problem - are only using ten percent of their brain at once. This is a natural human limitation, that Yukiteru was not born with.

He can instantly control, adjust, and manipulate the exact output and allocation of his mind. For example, in a drastic situation, he could give up the part of his brain that controls a limb to drastically enhance his ability to process information more quickly to a superhuman level. It is this single ability that makes him a veritable Sherlock Holmes, and is probably to blame for his naturally eidetic memory as well as the naturally enhanced capacity of his brain. Ten percent of his brain's power is not the same as an average person's ten percent, and it would be fallacious to think otherwise. Therefore, with his own naturally high intellect plus this freeform control over the allocation of percentage-based usage of his mind, he is capable of superhuman feats - so long as they are of mental performance.

  • Eidetic Memory
  • Hyper-Attention to Detail
  • Unbroken/Constant Intense Isolated Focus
  • Accurate "Predictive" Foresight
  • Hyper-Perception ("Slowing" the world around him and those in it)
  • Indepth Profiling of People/Situations
  • The ability to speak several languages (mostly European and Eastern)
  • Superhuman Deductive Reasoning/Inductive Reasoning abilities
  • Keen Eye for Detail
  • Natural Detective's Intuition (And one built up from years of experience)
  • Accurate aim with a sidearm or rifle-type firearm

~ Baritsu :: - The not-so-well known style developed by the Springfield family circa 1898. It is an eclectic style with no one focus, but instead a constantly growing and adaptable system of martial art founded by the Springfield family after one member long ago ventured to and trained in the Far East. This art combines the best elements of a range of fighting styles into a unified whole, originally incorporating techniques that were an amalgamation of "Boxing, wrestling, fencing, and savate under recognized masters" merged with Japanese Jujitsu, Aikido, and the style of Muy Thai. In addition, Bajiquan and Baguazhang are also loan styles, but only in principle of "Instant movement without wasted action/showing your movement" and "Fighting multiple enemies/"turning the circle"

As it became established by the Springfield family in London, the art expanded to incorporate combat techniques from the Tenjin Shinyō, Fusen and Daito schools of jujutsu as well as British boxing, Swiss schwingen, French savate and a defensive la canne (stick fighting) style. There is no one focus to Baritsu - The ability to, when unarmed, fight off armed attackers, the ability to take on multiple enemies, using one's environment as a weapon - All of these things are aspects of this style, the one technique this family uses to equally Master all aspects of their body in regards to combat.

With this style (in tandem with his mental capacity to "Predict" and "Analyze" situations, he can match reinforcement level magi in physical performance - this eclectic art belongs to his family, and is something he has trained in since he was very young - around three years old.


Personality: By nature, Yukiteru is a stoic, taciturn individual who does not get along well with others. He was raised as a detective, by a detective - and so it is true he has a strong admiration for authority, and an even stronger sense of justice. But this lifelong career of solving cases alongside his father has led him to see both the worst and best in people the world over. He did not ever spend much time with children his own age as a result, and quickly adjusted to speaking with law enforcement officers and criminals for everyday interactions. Ergo, speaking a little too bluntly and plainly than is commonly accepted became normal for him - He does not pull any verbal or intellectual punches, and his tendency to openly deduce things can be off-putting to others. While he knows what is commonly accepted, he has just learned to value logic over emotion, and may not always stop to consider or care if what he says might hurt others.

Truthfully, he is not a bad person, or even mean spirited. He is actually a realist before he is an optimist or a pessimist - he considers both pessimism and optimism equally risky and mutually blind for their own sakes. Instead, he bases his opinions on facts and evidence, suitable to an investigator. He has a knack for detaching himself from a case or suspects, and weighing a situation fairly and objectively. Even so, it is of course impossible to always remain objective, and he knows that. His sense of justice dictates that he sometimes follow his own opinions and intuition, especially regarding his duties as an investigator and a consultant for Interpol. This sense of justice, one should note, does little to "blind" him like it might others.

He would - in most cases - agree with a utilitarian mindset. The greatest good for the greatest number of people sounds nice, since he accepts that not everyone can be saved. However, he also has a hard time applying that principle to himself when people he knows personally are involved in something. Usually, he only takes on cases that personally interest him - with an almost condescending, muted interest suitable to a world famous, incognito detective. To those he calls his friends, he may even seem selfish and short-sighted, rarely stopping to think about the danger he puts himself in constantly hurting others if he gets hurt. Yet, he is selfless in that he would rather place himself on the chopping block than another, and ultimately would sacrifice himself for the safety of his friends. He isn't a complete white knight, though, preferring to simply not make many friends because he is aware of his own faults.

Yuki is soft-hearted but lives a contradictory existence as a result of this: He preaches about objectivity and the importance of removing personal attachment from cases, yet very much acts the way he does out of his own sense of justice that others should be protected and the world should be a safe and secure place for everyone in society. It is his responsibility as much as it is anyone's in law enforcement to make this world a better place, even if that means putting one criminal behind bars for one night to make the streets a safer place. He would rather genuinely rehabilitate a criminal than simply catch them, but it not naive enough to generally let this influence his work. First and foremost, he is logical - yet, not without emotion, creating a confusing and complex characterization of an up and coming detective who is now starting his higher education in Japan.

Character Color:Sky Blue
  • Games of strategy/wit
  • Reading (books)
  • Reading People/Situations (Profiling)
  • The fairer sex
  • Classical music
  • Justice
  • Helping others
  • Saying/Doing things to see people's reaction
  • Practicing his marksmanship
  • Large crowds of people
  • Feeling helpless
  • Entitled individuals
  • Sweet/rich tasting foods
  • Pessimism
  • Children (ill-behaved ones, at least)
  • Unsolved cases
  • Corruption
  • Injustice
  • Public displays of affection

Natural Enemy: Ayame Kuroishi
Hobbies: Reading (People and books), Games of strategy and wit, Parkour, Solving cold cases

Parents: Ayaka Springfield (Mother, deceased), Albireo Springfield (Father, retired INTERPOL).
Relatives: N/A
Significant Other: Lilly Hirai (Forced)
Children: N/A

History: Yukiteru Springfield is the son of a senior Interpol investigator and a Japanese-born British Cultural Attaché. His parents were both what could only be called "Completely human", but each of them lived fantastic lives even within the span of their natural humanity. To some, humanity is a constraint that binds the mind, body, and soul - dictating what one's own limitations must be and serving as a reminder that there will always be boundaries. However, his mother and father did not accept that principle. His father solved hundreds of infamous criminal cases the world over, and his mother (though he does not know it) investigated even supernatural cases and was just as much a detective as Albireo. Together, as friends and eventually lovers - these two individuals saved large populations time and time again. Modernity and magic - hand in hand, husband and wife took on every injustice and solved puzzles both human and monstrous in nature. When their child was born, however, Ayaka's life was taken in childbirth.

Before she died, Ayaka saw her baby's white hair - and muttered one last, labored word: "Yuki", or "Snow" in Japanese. Therefore, to honor his wife's wishes, Yuki's father bestowed upon him his name: "Yukiteru Springfield". The name suited him well - a snow covered field, graced by Spring's beauty. He had his mother's eyes - in shape, not color, of course - and his father's smile. As it turns out, he inherited both of his parent's sense of justice: an ideal world in which every citizen does their best to create as close to a perfect community for all to enjoy. Where criminals and those who do evil run in fear and hide like vermin. Those who do nothing wrong have nothing to fear, and while the parents had agreed to give up their more supernatural cases when their baby was born, the call of modern day justice echoed in even the babe's heart. This became most apparent when he was four years old, and - on nothing more than a natural whim - pointed out a link in a Eastern drug smuggling ring that had been missing for years. In less than five minutes, by virtue of nothing more than "Playing detective", Yukiteru put away numerous hundreds of hardened criminals and exposed a drug kingpin within Scotland Yard.

Albireo was impressed to say the least, and encouraged his son's inherited habits of solving cases. He put several closed and solved cases before his son as an experiment, and introduced them as a game - a puzzle - of sorts. Unsurprisingly, Yukiteru solved every one with unerring accuracy and precision. He asked all the right questions about each suspect and variable, found every bit of necessary evidence and many times more than was needed, and solved the cases properly. For years, Albireo groomed Yukiteru's sleuthing skills - teaching him both their family's developed style of martial arts and physical discipline, as well as numerous rules and tips on being a detective. He was taught - for years, often by example - how to successfully trail suspicious individuals, how to eavesdrop, how to memorize numbers and letters and faces at only a glimpse. But no matter how much time father and son spent solving mock or even real cases, it never seemed to be enough. Yukiteru was so methodical, he was almost obsessive with his mental kung-fu. Cold Cases were suddenly being solved left and right, and pretty soon the I.C.P.O. contacted Albireo to inquire as to the sudden change of pace. Albireo divulged his son's abilities to only one man - a friend, from South Korea.

One day, this friend needed help in solving a kidnapping case - in which his daughter had randomly become a victim. Albireo flew to Seoul, and booked a hotel room with his friend. Yuki was told to stay in the room, but while they were discussing the evidence, it was the eleven year old Yuki who put forward the final piece of evidence. He made the connections more visible and pointed them out as if they were only obvious, and quickly deduced where a smuggling ring for kids would have to be centered. Afterwards, Yuki was permitted to meet one of the children his discovery saved: A girl his age, named "Au". From that point on, the two hit it off and remained in regular contact. Over time, Au became a sort of technical and computer support for the detective - and that contact lasted for many years and through several cases. It has been several years since they met, and without a doubt Au is Yuki's best friend.

At eighteen years old, Yuki's father is two years retired and Yuki is guaranteed a position within Interpol's I.C.P.O. after graduating from college. He heard that Au was going to also attempt such a position, by securing a Computer Science degree - which convinced him to enlist in Fuyuki City's Shinto region university. He maintains his status as a "Incognito" private investigator - while still working with Interpol and by extension the Fuyuki Police Department as a consultant - whose record by now greatly overshadows that of his father - and yet, has no idea he is located at the intersection of destiny and destruction. Soon, he will find his life interwoven with magic, where his own life is on the line.

RP Sample

"Yes." Came the cool, calm voice of the prodigy detective. As usual, he did not bother with formalities even when addressing the I.C.P.O. ambassadors. They could not see his face, and they could not hope to engineer a recording complicated enough to revert his voice back to normal. The program used to effectively mask his voice with an almost mechanical, artificial filter had been designed by a childhood friend of his. Even Interpol's top minds, should they desire, would find themselves hard-pressed to even read the coding of the program language - much less to reverse engineer it. The council sat before the large, seventy inch monitor - an Old English style "D" displayed on screen. The voice accompanied it, but was just as ambiguous. This was the private consultant known only as "Deneuve", to the I.C.P.O.

"I am already on the move, as 'Ace' has informed you. I assure you, the criminal in question must be the primary suspect. Yes, I understand the case is cold by now - but to be frank, there is overwhelming evidence to suggest his guilt. I understand why all are hesitant to accept this, Police Chief Inoue, but the case was before your time. You can not take it personally, that..."

"Can't I-!?" Demanded one of the seated members of the Japanese branch of the I.C.P.O., standing now to his feet. His young features gave away both his potential and inexperience, though he was older than Deneuve - even if no one there knew that. The computer speakers remained silent as Chief Inoue spoke up, vehemently venting about this latest cold case's solution. "The bastard is dead, isn't he!? Then where is the justice for those families and those children!? The sick fuck butchered them all like livestock, and you're telling me..."

"What I am telling you, Chief Inoue," Came the rebuff, scrambled as a voice though it was, its "tone" was sincere. "Is that our job is done. What Ryuunosuke-san did - it went for years unsolved, with all the evidence sitting under your predecessor's noses. No one faults you, but in this case the "Justice" is closure. Let the families still alive know what we have found, sympathize with them, and give them relief. Tell them their demons lie six feet beneath the ground, and that the Butcher of Fuyuki is not merely in hiding. I have solved the case you brought to me, so unless there is some other order of business---"

Silence greeted him, though it was a deafening silence in truth.

"Then farewell, officers. Chief Inoue. Thank you all for your cooperation with this investigation. I leave the notification of all living families in your capable hands. I will contact you when I have another case, or you may contact "Ace" in order to reach me. Please, take care until then."

The screen blanked, and the letter "D" disappeared from the field of white - the connection was severed, and Officer Inoue looked feverishly over to another set of officers.

He was inwardly relieved to see their frustration: It meant they hadn't been able to triangulate Deneuve's location this time either.

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