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Edward Teach


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Dec 9 2013, 04:29 AM
So the servants names is Edward Teach which is a name some of you might know... For those that don't well he has another. Blackbeard. Thats right folks, Blackbeard the Dreaded Pirate is a servant and he's been summoned into the rider class because lets face it... He has one sweet and unique ride.

Unlike most riders, who tend to have low stats his are fairly high for one not of the Knight Classes. This for the most part is due to his personality which is rather up in your face and rather happy all things told. But like all Riders, his NP's(Numbering three in total) are rather impressive. Each fills a rather specific role.

If you want a servant who is ruthless, strong willed, hedonistic and down right terrifying at times this is the man for you! But be warned, Teach is not a man to be made light of and if you can't prove that you are worthy of his infamous services you more then likely will ether find your self walking the plank or having to waste command seals on the most mundane tasks.

PM me, cbox me or grab me on skype if interested.

Profile Link:Edward Teach
Nov 28 2013, 07:54 PM
Edward Teach


General Info

True Identity: Edward Teach
Alias: Edward Thatch, Edward Drummond, Black Beard
Age: 33
Class: Rider
Gender: Male
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Master: No one as of yet!


Eye Color: The color of the Stormy Sea!(Grey)
Hair Color:As dark as the midnight sea (Black)
Height: 6'4''
Weight: 215 lbs
Picture: Picture
Appearance Description: Teach is and always will be a handsomely terrifying man, Standing as he does, head and shoulders over most men with a broad and sever face that would be ugly if it wasn't for the set of his eyes and the square of his jaw. His hair of course is black, in fact its as black as back can be and not a single ray of light has yet to escape his full and luscious mane which hangs down to just above his shoulders. His face of course, holds one of his most striking features... That being his beard. Often braided, always well groomed and at times on fire this feature is what gave the dear captain his name.

Of course, there is more to a man then his face and Teach is no different! His body, which is well muscled by years at sea is covered in more scars then ten other men combined. But even with all the obvious and traumatic injuries he has suffered the man still walks with a long smooth gait and holds him self high, proudly viewing the world about him from his lofty perch. He wears an ever changing assortment of clothes due mostly to the fact that he had a habitof robbing the captains he captured of all their finery. But with out a single doubt, he always wore his trade mark trivorner hate made of a dark material that no one to this day has been able to identify.


Strength: C
Endurance: A
Agility: B
Mana: A
Luck: B


Skill: Magic Resist
Description: grants protection against magical effects. Differently from the Resistance effect that merely rejects prana, this ability cancels the spells altogether.
Rank: C
Effect: Cancel spells with a chant below two verses.

Skill: Voyager of the Storm
Description: The talent to impel a ship and those who the user identifies with.
Rank: A+
Effect: Acts as charisma and military tactics in regards to ship board operations. Also counts as the ride skill to qualify for the rider class.

Skill: Battle Continuation
Description: the strength of vitality for predicaments. Also, the ability to withdraw from combat and reach allied territory alive after being defeated.
Rank: A
Effect: Makes possible to fight even with deadly injuries and can remain alive so long as one does not receive a decisive fatal wound.


The Cutlass of Edward Teach

While Teach never formed any real attachment to any of the various swords he used in his life time, one thing remained the same: Their style. Each and every sword he used was a cutlass of one make or another. This yet again shows in this war as each and every time he takes physical form a different sword is on his hip. And while they may have different hand guards, scabbards and things of that nature... They are all made of the best materials that one could wish for.

Noble Phantasms

Noble Phantasm:The Queen Anne's Revenge
Type: Anti-Unit, Anti-Army, Anti-Fortress, and Support
Rank: A+
Range: 1-1000 Meters
Number of Targets:1-1000
Description: The famous flag ship of Blackbeard, the Queen Anne's Revenge was an impressive ship to behold in life and in death it is all the more terrifying. Painted as black as night with sails as crimson as blood this large frigate is mounted with more guns then some ships twice its side. upon its highest mast flies the Jolly Roger of its dread captain. For some,this white horned devil spearing a heart is the last thing they ever see. The shipits self is just under 30 meters long and consists of three decks. The prow's figure head is that of a beautiful young and nude woman and between her legs juts the ships largest cannon.

Effect: When summoned a sudden calm seems to blanket the area and silently a bank of fog rolls in, out of no where. In this fog silent flashes of lightning can be seen, and these flashes illuminate a ship contained within. This ship sails proudly and swiftly through the sky(It can average around 1000 miles an hour or there abouts) its black flag flying high overhead for everyone to see and feel the dread associated with it. The ship its self contains 40 twelve pound cannons, 6 twenty-four pound cannons and 1 thirty-two pound cannon. For the most part these cannons are arranged with 23 of the smaller guns per side and the larger one under the prow of the ship its self. The ship its self can be controlled by Blackbeard's mind though this requires extra prana to do so and he prefers to allow his men to take care of the actual operation of the ship.

Each of these cannons no matter the size fires A rank projectiles though each size cannon has different purposes. The 12 pounders serve as the ships version of anti-unit weaponry, be as their blast radius is fall smaller then that of the other cannons(Five meters in total diamater) though this does not include any shrapnel contained there in. the Twenty Four pounders serve as the ships anti-army weapon with each cannon being able to fire rounds with a blast radius equaling that five of the anti-unit cannons meaning that effectively they can destroy twenty-five square meters(The Prana cost to fire these is also five times greater then that of the smaller cannons). The last and largest of his cannons is NEVER used unless absolutely necessary do to its overwhelming destructive power and the fact that firing it acts as a sort of broken phantasm(Breaking his largest and most destructive weapon). Upon firing the thirty-two pounder(Which has the longest range at 1000 meters) the area hit is totally devastated. In fact nothing with in the radius hit (Which is 100 meters) remains alive or standing.

But aside from the cannons, the ship is filled too the brim with what ever a pirate could desire. From rum and tobacco, too a well stalked larder and supplies to repair any damage done. Of course no ship is complete with out its crew, and while they may not be impressive by servant standards each and every member(Numbering 45) is more then enough to take on a mundane human and semi skilled Magus with relative ease, these men would have fallowed Teach into the jaws of hell its self... And in a way they did. (Assume each has a E rank in all stats aside from agility which is at a D and a E rank magic resist.) These sailors generally do nothing more then man Blackbeard's ship, but every once in a while he does use them as errand boys. As a side note, Blackbeard can summon the cannons and equipment contained within the Revenge (Aside from his actual trump card) to his side, which includes a dingy that he often uses for transport("Flies" in the same way as the revenge though it moves at half the speed.)

Noble Phantasm:The Dread Pirate
Type: Support
Rank: A
Range: Within Sight of Blackbeard
Number of Targets: Any who can See him
Description: Blackbeard was known for one thing above all others... And that was the sheer and unadulterated fear he instilled into those he fought. In fact, his reputation alone was enough to cause merchant ships to surrender when they caught sight of his black flag on the horizon. When activated, Teach almost truly becomes the demon that some thought him to be. His hair seems to catch fire, his normally calm eyes seem to glow red with hate and what could be called evil and an aura of menace hangs about him like a cheap cologne.
Effect: This Noble Phantasm causes anyone with out an A rank in bravery or some other form of high level mental protection to become terrified of Teach and those that do not run away in abject terror suffer a rank decrease to all physical stats as well as decreased fighting ability in terms of skill. Also note that for this effect to begin, the targets in question must know that Rider is in fact Edward Teach, or the Dread Pirate Blackbeard. Which honestly really isn't a problem since he tends to yell that at everyone he meets.

Noble Phantasm: Three-Brace: Armaments of the Black Corsair
Type: Anti-Unit
Rank: C
Range: 50 Meters
Number of Targets: 1
Description: Various, documented eyewitness accounts on Blackbeard claim that he always went into battle fully strapped to the teeth in gear. Among his favorite weapons to carry into a fight were six, ornate flintlock pistols of Italian craftsmanship, which he looted from the Concord prior to transforming it into his almighty flagship, the Queen Anne’s Revenge. Originally intended to be a gift to a high-ranking British naval officer, he rescued them from the inevitable fate of acting as household decor and a lifetime spent gathering dust, and re-purposed them for more practical means. Despite his attachment to them, his nature as a pirate overshadowed this sentiment, resulting in him discarding nearly all of them during the last few battles of his life. These pistols were intended to be carried in sets of two, or “braces”, a feature that ultimately gives this Apparatus its name.

Effect: While these appear to be nothing more then normal,if ornate, flintlock pistols nothing could be farther from the truth. In fact, aside from his ship these are the most deadly tools in his arsenal. This is due for the most part too their ability to shred armor magical or otherwise so long as the target is within 20 meters of Teach when the shot if fired. This is due to the fact that the bullets are made of compressed prana as well as actual physical material. But whats more, it is due to the belief and knowledge that guns(Even relatively primitive ones) are more then a match for any sort of ancient armor. Of course the stronger the armor in question the closer Teach needs to be for this ability to be effective. A rank armors are only effected when with in 5 meters of teach, B rank at 10 C rank at 15 and D rank at 20.

As each gun is fired it is discarded to the ground where in all actuality vanishes after a few seconds(5 seconds). It then reappears in its brace, loaded and ready to fired yet again. But while it lays on the ground it is vulnerable, and able to be destroyed with relative ease(A rank C attack will do it just fine, doing so will cause the actual destruction of the gun and it will no longer reappear in its brace.


Personality: Teach is a giant of a man, but not really due to his stature! Oh no, its because each and everything he does from fighting, fucking and drinking to any other mundane(And less important) task he does with a passion and an energy that puts other men to shame! He laughs as if it may be the last time he cracks a smile, he eats as though he will never eat again and he makes love as if all women will be dead on the marrow! In fact it is this passion that drove him to live the life he lead, it is this hunger for not only food and drink and riches but for adventure that drove him to a life on the high seas, it is this singular drive that allowed him to live as long as he did and become a legend in his own right! He is a person who has dedicated his life to hedonistic pursuits and sees no difference between a paragon of virtue and a rogue scoundrel.

But behind all of this power and intensity is something far more sinister, far more conniving. Oh yes on the outside he may act the jolly man, the goofy man but while it is not an act per say one could call it a mask. Because it hides the fact that at any moment, at any second he may strike... And it will be when you are the most vulnerable. This attack can come in many forms, from a sword thrust to the gut to a well placed word to get one to trust him more... But no matter what form it takes it achieves his ends. He is a schemer, a manipulator, a cheat and a thief... But in his own way he is a man of honor and integrity. he will never break his word or a promise uttered, he will never treat you unfairly and he will never lie about his intentions if asked directly but even with all these things... One can not hide the fact that he is a cold blooded killer who feels little or no remorse for the destruction his has rot during his life time.

Character Color:Black
Likes:harlots, rum, Wenches, RUMM, prostitutes, ruum, gems, his ship, his crew, whores and did I mention rum?
Dislikes:THE LAW, plums, celery,
Natural Enemy:THE LAW! And Tofu!
Hobbies: Bedding Wenches, drinking Rum, Dancing, Rough housing, Doing "Business", Obtaining booty, digging for buried treasure, carpentry and sculpture.

Past Life

History Taken from various sources such as Wikipedia and Blackbeard: Pirate Terror at Sea by National Geographic.

History: Edward Teach was born in Bristol England , but was known early on for sailing with Privateers out of Jamaica . It was at this time that he first distinguished himself for his uncommon boldness and personal courage. Despite these traits and his obvious aptitude for it, Teach was not raised to a command until the end of 1716, when Captain Benjamin Hornigold put him in command of a captured Sloop. Teach continued serve Hornigold as captain of the captured sloop for some time, and while making their way to the Main of America, Teach and Hornigold met great luck and fortune, plundering many a ship, and finding much success along the Virginia coast. On their return to the West-Indies, the pair made prize of a large French Guiney Man. In which, by Hornigold’s consent, Teach was appointed captain. Upon this Teach and Hornigold parted ways. Hornigold returned with his Sloop to settle in Providence, and Teach continued on. Outfitting his new Guiney Man Teach renamed her The Queen Ann’s Revenge. While cruising near the Island of St. Vincent he took a large ship called the Great Allen. (commanded by Christopher Taylor) Teach and his crew plundered out of her what they thought fit, put her men ashore, and then set fire to the ship.

After this Teach and his crew sailed toward the Spanish America. In his way he met with a pirate sloop of ten guns named Revenge. (Commanded by one Major Stede Bonnet) Who, before choosing to go a pirating was a gentleman of good reputation and estate on the island of Barbados . Bonnet and Teach chose to sail together in fleet, but after a few days Teach found that Bonnet knew very little of maritime life. Upon Teach’s recommendation Bonnet put in another captain, one Richards, in command of his Sloop, and went aboard Teach’s ship. Finding himself now in command of a fleet, Teach sailed for the Bay of Honduras . While there, the pirates took in fresh water, and foraged for what food supplies could be found. While at anchor a sloop was spotted entering the bay. Upon this Richardson (the newly appointed commander of the Sloop Revenge) slipped his anchor and when in pursuit of the mysterious sloop, who upon seeing the black flag hoisted, struck her sails and came to. This sloop was called Adventure, and was commanded by David Harriot. The commander and men of the Adventure were taken as prisoners aboard Teach’s ship, and Teach’s Master Israel Hands, along with a number of his other men were put aboard the Adventure, so that their fleet now included The Queen Ann’s Revenge (commanded by Teach) The Revenge (owned by Bonnet, & commanded by Richardson) and the newly captured Adventure. (now commanded by Master Israel Hands)

And Teach’s fleet went on in this way for some time. And were quit successful. Some time later the fleet came upon a bay where they found a Ship and four sloops. It was found that the Ship was from Boston and called the Protestant Casar (Commanded by one Captain Wyar) three of the sloops belonged to Jonathan Bernard of Jamaica, and the fourth to one Captain James. Teach approached the convoy head on, raised his Black Colors, and as a warning fired a single cannon. Upon which Captain Wyar and all of his men left their ship and fled for shore in their longboats. Seeing this, Teach sent his Quarter Master, Thomas Miller, and eight of his crew to take possession of Wayar’s Ship. And Richards was sent to secure the four sloops. Wayar’s Ship and one of the four sloops were set afire, (after being plundered of course) as they were from Boston , where some men had recently been hanged for Piracy, and the three remaining sloops belonging to Bernard were released.

From there Teach’s fleet went a cruising, looking for appropriate prey. They first sailed for the Grand Caimanes, and from there to Jamaica , then to Havana , and from Havana to the Bahama Wrecks. Having found only marginal success on their voyage, the fleet made for Carolina. Where rumor was told that only a small opposition was held to protect the Province. While on their way to Carolina , Teach’s fleet took a Brigantine and two Sloops lying at anchor off the Bar of Charles-Town. Later that day they took a passenger ship (Commanded by one Robert Clark) leaving the port bound for London. The following day they took another ship coming out of Charles-Town, as well as two Pinks attempting to enter the port, and then a Brigantine Slaver carrying 14 Negros, trying to do the same. The spirit of the Townspeople was already low as they had but recently endured a visit by Charles Vane (another notorious and equally as brutal pirate) and these acts being boldly committed in direct view of the town, struck such a great terror through the whole Province of Carolina that the townspeople abandoned themselves to despair, finding that they were in no condition to resist the force of Teach’s fleet. There were eight ships in the port fitted and armed, but none dared to venture out, and those attempting to enter the port found themselves helplessly trapped and were quickly captured by the pirates. Thus, Teach and his Fleet had effectively blockaded the port of Charles-Town, and the trade of this place was completely interrupted. Teach and his crew detained all these ships, and kept the men as prisoners. Being in dire need of medicines, it was agreed that they would all be held for the ransom. Therefore, Richards (the acting captain of the Revenge Sloop) and two other pirates were set ashore to negotiate a mutual exchange. They took with them one Mr. Marks (a prisoner taken from Clark ’s ship) as both a sign of good grace and as a strategic method, as Marks was an important dignitary and a friend of the Governor.

The Brigands marched straight for the Government building, all the way in plain sight of the townspeople. The public viewed these pirates with the utmost indignation, looking upon them as robbers and murderers, but not a one dared so much as think of exacting their revenge, in fear of bringing but more calamities upon their already broken town. Upon arriving, Richards delivered the pirates’ demands, threatening that if the Government did not produce a Medicine Chest and let him and his Pirate-Ambassadors return with it safely to their fleet, the captured ships would all be burned to the water, and the prisoners beheaded delivered to the Governor’s door.It did not take the Government long to deliberate, having so many lives at stake they quickly assembled the necessary supplies and the pirates returned happily to their ship.

After receiving the Medicine Chest, Teach held honorably to his word. He released all the prisoners and their ships, and sailed away.

From Charles-Town the fleet made for North-Carolina. Their fleet had now grown quite large; Four ships in total: Teach in the Queen Anne's Revenge, Richards and Hands in the Sloops and another sloop serving as tender. Their growing number was a truth that did not escpape Captain Teach, with a larger crew meant more squabbles, more mouths to feed, and most importantly, more shares to devide. So while in-route Teach devised a plan to breakup the company, securing the majority of money and effect for himself and some of his closest companions.

Upon arriving at Topsail Inlet, Teach saw his opportunity. He ran his ship aground on the sand bar, and pretending to have done so accidentally, ordered the Sloops to come and help him off. While endeavoring to do so Teach forced the Sloops upon the shore. He then sent a large dispatch of men ashore to help recover the Sloops, and while they were gone he and his closest companions moved all of the effects into the remaining Sloop that served as a tender. With this they sailed away, leaving the majority of his men marooned.

From Topsail Inlet Teach and his reduced crew sailed to Bath Town, North Carolina. It was here that he and twenty of his men surrendered to the Governor, Charles Eden of North Carolina, and in accordance with the King’s Proclamation received a full pardon from their wrongful deeds at sea. It must be noted that this was in no way a sign of any reform for these brigands, but simply a way for them to safely wait for a more favorable opportunity to play the same game. As part of his pardon Teach was granted legal right to his ship. Although it was taken illegally from an English merchant, Teach argued that he took it as a prize from the Spanish, and was thus given fair right to it.

Teach stayed ashore in Bath Town for some time. During this time he became quite acquainted with the governor. After some time he acquired a plantation, and even married a young girl. (Although it is said she was his fourteenth wife) It is unclear whether Teach grew tired of his lubber’s life, or if he truly had an insatiable calling to the sea, but on June 1718 he abandoned his life ashore and went again to the sea. Teach Sailed from Bath-Town for the Bermudas. On his way he met three English vessels, but robbed them only of the provisions and stores in which were immediately necessary. When Teach and his crew arrived at the Bermudas he found two French ships; a cargo ship loaden with sugar and cocoa, and her escort loaded with only necessary provisions. Teach forced the men of the loaden ship aboard the escort and let them go. Keeping the cargo ship and her stores, the pirates sailed home for Bath-Town.

When the pirates returned to Bath Town with their prize, questions were raised as to the legitimacy of its acquisition. Teach claimed that he and his crew found the ship abandoned at sea; not a soul aboard her. Given his past, the Governor was not quick to believe Teach’s story. Knowing that keeping the Governor in his favor was highly advantageous, Teach offered the Governor and his Secretary a percentage of the goods aboard the ship. This apparently was ample evidence, as the issue was quickly resolved and the Governor found Teach’s account to be truthful and accurate. This did not fully resolve the issue at hand, as Teach was nervous that while the ship lay at anchor someone might come along who was acquainted with her and discover their roguery. Again Teach went to the governor to solve his problem. He contrived a story that the cargo ship was sagging planks and was becoming leaky, Teach explained to the Governor that if something was not done she would sink in the harbor creating an obstruction that would prevent other ships from passing. So with the governor’s permission, the ship was brought up the river and set afire. There she was burned down to the water line and her bottom sunk, with it sunk the fears of her ever rising in judgment against the pirates. Teach and his crew stayed in Bath Town for four more months, sometimes lying at anchor in the cove, and at others he sailed from one inlet to another, trading his stolen plunders with the other ships as he met. Most of this was honorable trade but from time to time Teach made bold with the traders and took from them what he pleased, knowing full well that they dared not send him a Bill for the payment. During this time Teach often diverted himself by going ashore among the planters. Whether out of love or fear he was most often well received. He was usually courteous enough ashore, but just as at sea, there were time when he took as he pleased knowing there would be no repercussions. The sloops trading in the region who were finding themselves so frequently pillaged by Teach began to consult one another as to what course of action to take. They knew it would be in vain to take their complaints to the Governor, who would have just as soon sold them to the pirates for a percentage of their goods. But without some action Teach and his brutes were likely to reign unendingly. So with as much secrecy as possible they sent their complaints to Virginia pleading the Governor there for aid. The Governor of Virginia happened to have two men of war in his employ at the time. The Pearl and The Lime. The men of War had been at harbor for nearly ten months without venture, so they looked upon this proposition with good favor. It was agreed that the Governor of Virginia would hire a couple of small Sloops and they would be manned by the crews of the men of war. (This was done because the Men of War were designed for battle at sea, and would not be well suited for combat within the inlets and coves where Teach and his crew hid) The sloops offered the advantage of speed and maneuverability, while being able to navigate the shallow coasts along North Carolina. Command of this expedition was given to Mr. Robert Maynard, first Lieutenant of The Pearl. The sloops were well manned and outfitted with ammunition and small arms, but had no guns mounted.
In conjunction with the Sloops deploying on their expedition, the Governor of Virginia published a proclamation, offering rewards to any person who should take or destroy any Pirate.

Maynard and the Sloops anchored just outside the inlet, because it was narrow and intricate there was no way for them to reach where Teach and his ship lay until the tides were more favorable. While at anchor, Maynard and his crew did everything they could to keep their plans from reaching Teach. They stopped all boat entering the inlet and thus prevented them from notifying the pirates of their arrival. With this secrecy, Maynard kept his presents unknown to the Pirates. It was not until the following day that Teach spotted the Sloops anchored at mouth of the inlet. Teach at the time had but 25 men aboard his ship, and was not fully prepared for a fight. Teach slipped his anchor and endeavored to make a running fight.

Seeing this Maynard did the same and ran ahead of the other sloops. Being within gun-shot of the pirates Maynard began taking fire as the pirates kept a constant barrage with their cannons. While Maynard had no cannons to return, he hoisted the King’s Colors, and ordered his crew kept a constant fire with their small arms. Very soon the two ships ran aground; being not more than 20 yards from one another, the two ships kept constant fire. Maynard ordered all ballast to be thrown overboard, and the same with the water and provisions. Seeing now that Maynard’s ship was breaking free Teach hailed him: "Damn you for Villains, who are you? And, from whence came you?" The Lieutenant responded: "You may see by our Colours we are no Pyrates!" Teach bid him: "Come, send your boat aboard, that we might see who you truly are" But Maynard replied: "I cannot spare my Boat, but I will come aboard you as soon as I can, with my Sloop! Upon this Teach took a glass of liquor, and drank to him with these words: "Damnation seize my Soul if I give you Quarters, or take any from you" In answer Maynard told him: "I expect no Quarters from you, nor shall any be given"

And with that, the Pirates kept their constant barage of cannon fire; Having already killed nearly twenty of Maynard's men the Rogues were preparing to board. Fearing that the continues cannon fire would thin out the rest of his crew, Maynard ordered all of men to take cover down below and prepare for a surprise attack. Only the helmsman and Maynard himself were left on deck. Bringing his ship up to broadside Teach and his crew threw several fashioned gernadoes aboard. (these were bottles filled with powder, small shot, slugs, and pieces of iron and lead, with a fuse coming out the top) These devices did a wonderful job of wounding and confusing the enemy crew, but they did not do their job here, as by Maynard’s foresight the crew was all hiding safely below. Seeing but a few men standing on deck Teach assumed the gernadoes had done their deed and ordered his men: "Let’s jump aboard her and cut them to pieces!" Whereupon, under the smoke of the gernadoes Teach and fourteen of his men boarded the Sloop.

Once the pirates were aboard Maynard gave the order and his men sprung from hiding. Teach and the Lieutenant fired the first shots, both aimed at the other, by which Teach received a wound, and the two engaged with swords. They were closely engaged, Maynard and twelve of his men against Teach and fourteen of his. The fight continued for some time and the sea around the Sloop became tinged with blood.

Teach received another shot from a pistol yet stood his ground, fighting with great fury. It was not until he was stabbed twenty times and shot five more that he ceased fighting and fell to the deck, dead. At that time eight of the fourteen pirates had already dropped, and seeing their captain defeated the remaining six jumped overboard and pleaded for Quarters, which was granted. (though it only served to prolong their lives but for a few days) In the end the Lieutenant severed Teach’s head and had it hung from the end of the yard arm, then sailed for Bath-Town to get relief for his wounded men. Upon arriving at Bath-Town Maynard marched straight to the Governor and seized from him all the goods he received as shares from the slain Pirates. The governor did not long survive the shame of these events, as the apprehension that he might be called upon to account for the legitimacy of the goods caused him such a fright that he fell-sick and died a few days later. Maynard and his crew recovered nine more Pirates hiding on the beach.

And after his men were well healed, they sailed from Bath-Town back to Virginia, Teach’s head still hanging from the yardarm, and fifteen pirates held prisoner below. Upon their arrival and trial in Virginia , only two of the fifteen pirates were spared hanging. The first, one Samuel Odell, was found to have been taken from a trading sloop the day before, and as it appears, was but an unlucky prisoner of the pirates. The second, was Israel Hands, the Master of Teach’s sloop, The Queen Ann’s Revenge.

While Master Hands did not take part in the final battle, he was found afterwards in Bath-Town, seeking aid for a pistol shot he said to have received from Teach himself. Hands was pardoned of his crimes after he surrendered and accepted the King’s pardon.

RP Sample

"Yahar a fiddle dede!" The voice of Captain Teach rang out over the deck of his ship and mixed with those of his men working below him. Now, their voices didn't carry any sort of tune but they did manage a sort of harmony that could only be achieved by men who had spent far to much time singing together. "The pirates life is the life for me!" It was times like these that Teach truly felt at home... And that honestly had nothing to do with the fact that they had just raided a merchant ship and plundered all its booty. Nope of course not.

"Alright be matties! Off to Cape Town we go!" A The song suddenly cut off and was replaced with what could only be called a cheer. "Thats right, after a weeks hard work we deserve a night or three of whoring and drinkin! What da ya say boys!?!" The cheer redoubles and a smile crossed to good ol captains rugged face. "Thats what I though! Now, set sail for the port, we got ta celebrate!" And with that the song yet again rose over the sound of the wind swept sea and the great ship of the pirate Blackbeard made its way swiftly towards its port of call.

But that's when he spotted it, just coming over the horizon. And like that ahis grin turned into something both fierce and predatory. "Oh look ye there ya skaliwags! More booty rip and ready for dah plundering!" And like that the song broke up and was turned into something like a growling chuckle as his men , knowing exactly what he had in mind hurried to their tasks. So swifter then any ship her size had a right to be, The Revenge turned in the water and cut a trail towards the main mast they had all seen on the horizon., all thoughts of port quickly replaced with those of blood shed and blood lust.

Face Claim

[CODE*]Artist Unknown Black Beard[/*CODE]
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