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Jun Mei


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Dec 10 2013, 10:21 PM
Today I got some good news, I got hired to work for a webpage that I was aiming for, the work requires me to stay active 8 hours and on top of that, receive coding classes 'cause they require me to at least know the basics to keep up with them in whatever they need, I really won't be able to meet my weekly quotas with this and the job starts in 2 days so.. the best I decided was to drop Arturia and keep on with my other characters ( since they are not related to the war at all). This doesn't mean that i'm leaving the site, I'll still be around but I won't be as active as before, I might be able to post with my other characters, but who knows really when I'll have the time for that, in any case, I want to thank the people who actually helped me through with Arturia, I appreciate it and sorry again that this came so suddenly ( I was not even expecting them to hire me ).
Oct 6 2013, 10:39 PM
Jun Mei


General Info

Name: Jun Mei
Age: 23
Gender: Female
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Servant: No need.


Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Red
Height: 170 cm / 5'5 foot
Weight: 50 Kg / 110.2 pounds

Appearance Description:

Jun Mei has vermilion red hair and blue eyes, her hair is tied in two knots to the sides of her head and are covered with ornaments for her long twin tails. She has white skin. She normally wears two pieces of a red cheongsam with yellow piping, the top side doesn't carry sleeves, it covers her chest and leaves her stomach and back uncovered; The bottom is tied with a brown belt at the height of her waist opened at the side of her legs, covering her front side and lower back. She also wears a pair of Tai Chi slippers with long black stockings, a pair of brown gloves and black goggles that she carries sometimes wrapped around her forehead and a long black cape that is wrapped around her neck, sometimes she may use it to cover her mouth to avoid being recognized.

When outside, she's usually seen carrying a purple umbrella around, which works as protection from the sun, the same umbrella is made of steel, serving her as protection from anything harmful. Her face expression is emotionless most of the time, it only changes when she engages in a fight, if she reaches her fighting desires, her face expression changes to a sadistic one. Her height is quite tall for Asian girls but quite average for her body measurements.

Her body muscles went through more than a decade of training. Her arms and legs are well worked yet keeping a thin and cute figure, what is notable at a close sight are her body muscles, hard as rock, letting her move across the battlefield with ease. Even though her body was trained to resist a combat or to move at high speeds, she can be seen wearing bandages and having some scratches around her body some times, this is caused due pushing her body to the limits.



Master Hand-to-Hand Combatant - Baida:

-Bājíquán: is a Chinese martial art that takes the shortest route to the opponent without showing any initial movement to damage the inside of the body instead of the outside. Due to Jun's extensive training, her attacks deal a massive burst of damage allowing her to destroy the muscles or the bones of her target.

Graduated from the Shojin monastery as a "kai men baji quan master", Her fighting style is specialized in close combat, un-armed attacks; Forcibly opening her enemy arms emphasizing in striking major points of vulnerability, namely the thorax (trunk of the body), legs and neck to deal the highest possible damage. She is an expert in the art, able to teach it, defend herself or to attack, yet she's too far from reaching the Master level.

The training of the monastery in the Baji art is so rough that it takes around 10 years to learn it, only prodigies or very dedicated students are able to reach an expert level during the first 10 years, and it might take another decade or two to master the art.

Zhuang Gong(Standing Stance/Feet style):

-Zhen Jiao(Soft Landing): Is an ability that only advanced disciples and masters can achieve with training; At this point, one's body is capable on doing it unconsciously, it's based in landing in the front sole of one feet, then, quickly switch one's weight to the other feet so this way one can reduce the impact and the damage to it's minimum value.

-Nian Bu(Footwork): It's a Baji basic art. It's a technique required to quickly switch one's body in combat by the use and positioning of the feet in the battleground, it requires a lot of control to make the right move in the right time to open up a vulnerable point while nearing an opponent, or to counter the enemy attack by the use of the feet against them.

Bājí Fist: It is an advanced technique from the Bājíquán style. Bājí focuses on being more direct, culminating in powerful, fast strikes that will render an opponent unable to continue. This skill is used to seek and destroy the vulnerable points of the body when blocking an attack or nearing an opponent.

There are currently "Six Ways of Opening" (liu da kai), Jun's Martial art level allows her to use the eight grand opening, the most lethal skill in the Bājí fist, it is the big secret of the Bājíquán and can only be obtained with intense training, focusing all five senses into one. It is a knowledge passed from teacher to student upon graduation and it represents the highest rank among the baji Masters.

The known "Six Ways of Opening" are:

- Ding: using the fist, elbow or shoulder to push forward and upward.

- Bao: putting arms together as if hugging someone.

- Ti: elevating the knee to hit the thigh of the opponent, or elevating the foot to hit the shin of the opponent.

- Dan: using a single move with the arms or the feet.

- Kua: using the hip to dodge or making an opening.

- Chan: entanglement with rotation around the wrist, elbow and shoulder.

Hearing a Move: Jun's special training led her to the deepest spots of the monastery where her teacher taught her in the arts of the blind fight, she doesn't need her eyesight to detect her enemy's movement and her body unconsciously reacts to any incoming attack to block it, even if it comes from a blind spot thanks to her ears and senses.


Six Grand Opening - Elbow upthrust: Involves grabbing the opponent's arm from below, carrying it up while also pressing her side close to the opponent's waist, and simultaneously delivering a blow to the heart with her left elbow and a strike from her left foot to the supporting leg, all in an instant to combine offense and defense, this is also her main skill to disarm her enemy.

Elbow Upthrust

Jun is fast enough to perform this skill in manner of seconds, her power allows her to control her opponent in a way that she can perform the skill with ease, if her enemy carries a weapon the combo will disarm them completely, if the skill is perfectly landed, her enemy might end up with 1 or 2 broken ribs.

Moving Stance: A dangerous secret of Bājíquán, to advance towards the enemy by sneaking with a sight step, and without announcing its speed, shorten the distance.

Eight Grand Opening: The most dangerous combo that Jun can perform. It is a technique that she will only use in risky situations because of its devastating power, the concept of this ability is to destroy the insides of her target's chest including the heart, lungs and the rib cage in one destructive hit, or to destroy the skull of her enemy.

This ability starts with the "moving stance", advancing towards the enemy with a super high speed allowing her to decide whether to kill her enemy with The "Eight Grand Openings – The Standing Upward Cannon" or The "Eight Postures of the Buddha Guards", These skills are limited to her endurance, Jun Mei is not a prolonged fighter, a long fight might cause her being unable to perform the skill.

Eight Grand Opening – The Standing Upward Cannon: After making use of the "moving stance", she uses a heavy upper hook that would shatter the opponent’s skull by focusing her strenght and speed in one single attack if landed correctly.

Eight Grand Opening – Eight Postures of the Buddha Guards: After making use of the "moving stance", Allows for a punch to have the "power to reach infinity in all eight directions" after reaching Bājíquán's optimum distance. Slamming her foot to floor as she steps forward, she unleashes a heavy punch that sends a person flying back damaging their chest. If the skill is landed perfectly, the hit is so hard that it might be able to destroy her opponent's rib cage, causing several internal bleeding.

Eight Postures of the Buddha Guards



Jun Mei's personality could be mistaken by someone evil due the way she express herself to others. She is greedy and she also has a fighting spirit, her Attitude is one of those whom change allies to fulfill her fighting desires, or simply because there is a big money influence between them. Her true personality is cold and serious, when talking to someone or when completing missions. Her personality also turns into a demon of fighting, and it only happens when her target fills her expectations of a worthy opponent, in this mental state she forgets about her current missions or priorities, as it changes to hunt and kill her target at all cost.

She's an asocial person and she turned like that to avoid getting close to people she might have to kill if she has to. There's only a few number of people that she can stand being around with, these include her monastery teacher - adoptive father and her fighting partner 'Jin Tzu Xao'. These two are the closest to her, but if she has to, she won't think twice about killing them, that's the nature of her personality.

She's merciless and cold blooded, she doesn't think twice about her actions and trying to be reasonable with her is useless. She is a killing machine and she knows it, but this isn't an impediment for her to balance her emotions with her power. She is a free spirit, following her own rules and guided by her own ideals, she is a girl of few words, she prefers to reflect her words by her actions.

Character Color: Red
Likes: Sukonbu - pickled seaweed, Money, Fights.
Dislikes: Be flirted, People begging for their lives,Guys with sunglasses.
Natural Enemy: Mages focused in mental interference.
Hobbies: Eating, Fighting.

Parents:Monk Shi Feng (adoptive father - whole life teacher in the Shojin Monastery).
Significant OtherNone.
Children: No.


Jun Mei's roots are a mystery from the day she was born. She was abandoned as a baby in front of a monastery, the reasons are still unknown but "whoever left her here, knew this was not an ordinary monastery" those were the thoughts of the elders by the time she arrived; Also, the cradle was not an ordinary one neither a poor one, it was one from the high-class, the baby was wrapped in fine cotton blankets, "why would they do this?".

There was only one person that took her under his grasp before her fate was decided by the nature. Shi Feng, the name of the person who saved her and educated her during her childhood, also a Bājíquán master and her whole life teacher.

She was a cheerful girl. She used to get in troubles for messing around with other apprentices but this was something some child used to do to call the attention. She was only 6 years old when her adoptive father and now master decided to introduce her into the spiritual world, teaching her ways to keep her activity controlled and to give her the attention she was looking for. During 4 years she constantly learned how to control her impulses and keep the calm during any circumstance, sometimes this training was boring for her but watching her father smile during the training made her push herself to go on.

At the age of 10 years old her master decided that it was time for her to start training her body without forgetting her mind and spiritual training . She only wanted to make her master happy and she followed his teaching without a doubt. At this age her master used to run around the monastery with her and introduced her into doing some heavy, yet not too hard jobs to help her muscles get strong, simple tasks such as carry water from place to place or a sack of grain were part of the training that she was receiving for her muscles.

At the age of 12 years old she was mentally and physically ready to start her training in the arts of the Bājíquán, 6 years with mental and spiritual preparation and 2 years with her body muscles being trained gradually, she started her training with around another 80 apprentices. All she cared about was to make her master proud.

5 years passed, she was skilled enough to maintain a fight with her fellow apprentices, and even so to control her power thanks to her mental preparation, at day time she trained with her friends, in the afternoon she had to train her senses and speed with the elders, at nights she had to train with her master about how to control her strength. Eventually the cheerful girl that wanted to make her master happy was turning into a cold soul, worried about herself only after witnessing her father caring more about her fighting style rather than her, also because the same night she heard that, she found out she was adopted and that he wasn't his real father.

As the years passed her training became rougher due her age, she was 20 years old and she was the only one being taught in the secrets of the blind combat, a secret technique given to dedicated students in the Bājíquán art. The only reason she was able to manage this training was thanks to her prior mental training to focus all of her senses while being in complete calm, something that was unreachable by her friends around the same age.

Near her 21th birthday she met a strange guy that used to train in the dojo next to hers, a guy that seemed around her age, maybe a bit older, also the rumors about him were well spread, a guy somehow destined to be the next director of the monastery, his name was also related to hers and she would spend days watching him training, some times they would cross looks with each other and practice fighting, but they never got the chance to formally meet, they only recognized each other capacities by this. The guy's name was "Jin Tzu Xao" but she never got the courage to talk to him either. The interest she had in him was because he was the only one that could match a good fight with her, due Jun's blind combat training she had a huge advantage among her friends and this led her fights get boring to her.

Her 21th birthday arrived and she celebrated it on her own. Five years has passed since she stopped talking with her master as her daughter, she switched from a cheerful and kind girl to a cold, emotionless and merciless girl. She was seen really interested in money and independence, those were signs that she wanted to leave as soon as possible. She was already the only promised student of her generation in the Bājíquán art, her training was almost complete, she was an expert in her area but she had a final task to complete, which was defeating her master in combat; This was a huge task for her as she had to keep her anger and sadness aside to complete it.

At the age of 23 years old and after one year of defeating her master in a cold, yet fair match, she decided to leave her monastery, she embraced the thought that she was not destined to stay in one place, she wanted to go out and explore, also to find worthy oponents to fight. From that moment she decided to be independent, a mercenary that would be able to live on her own by her own rules, accepting any task that fulfilled her greedy and fighting desires.

RP Sample

The day finally arrived, today is the day where it's going to be decided if i'm worthy of being a master...if i am not, shame will be awaiting for me.

"The task is simple, yet it'll be your hardest one", were the words of the elders while i was getting ready. They didn't understand... They wouldn't, even if i tried to... I have to defeat my master in combat, if i want to gain the title and start my journey out of here, but right now, i'm scared, all my life was a complete training, day and night; I also killed my feelings a long time ago, i only fight because it makes me feel alive, no-one ever told me it was right or wrong to feel like that, they only cared to teach me what i needed to learn.

I grew up under my master's lies and expectations... but that changed when i found out the truth, after that i started to enjoy fighting people to death, regardless of the fighting level difference it was a pleasurable feeling. I was the only candidate able to learn the secrets of this martial art...now the last step... where i am standing now... fight and win against my master.

I bowed slightly at him in the arena, showing respect, these thoughts were invading my mind, yet far from distracting me. He is quite aware of my strength and speed, my master is quite skilled, but i know i can defeat him, this is not going to be a revenge fight, i will fight him without my feelings, because i'm better than this, and because he deserves to loose shamefully for his lies.

The fight started and in just a few seconds i was at 2 steps from him, the most dangerous distance for a victim of a Bājíquán master, my fist was ready to hit his chest and knock him out... that's what i wanted to think, my mind was trying to keep me 'sane', but at this rate it was already late, i'm not thinking twice about my moves and i'll do whatever i have to do to win. A direct impact would be enough to knock him out.

In a blink of an eye i realized that i missed by inches, but it was due to my master's reflexes, he managed to move to his right side but not as fast as he wanted to, my fist hit his shoulder disabling his shoulder for. He jumped back quickly and i gave myself some seconds to look at him, he screamed in pain, i never knew what pain was other than the pain of the training and the lonely pain in my heart.

Right now i'm not the weak girl i used to be "I loved you... Father.. But you're dead for me now.." Those were my last words to him, also, tears ran down my face, it was my humanity dying on me while i was embracing my fighting desires. There were only a few important things in my life... Money, to buy myself anything i wanted, and a good fight, even if i killed my opponent.

I closed my eyes as a big smile filled my face, as expected from my master he dodged my ultimate skill, he can only play defensive now but who said i was a merciful person?, i took a deep breath and now in a blink of an eye i was taking posture, again, 2 steps from him, ready to land a hit with my elbow to finish him, he reacted quickly as well, but with that wound in his arm, his senses were not as fast as a few moments ago.

I saw my master falling on the floor after he received the hit, it was a bad hit for him, even if it didn't land as i planned, 2 of his ribs were broken and some of them almost reached h is lungs, he was unable to continue, but i didn't feel bad about it, he tried to say something to me but he was coughing too much in pain, i don't enjoy watching someone die slowly, i raised up my foot and kicked him away so i couldn't see his face anymore.

The elders sent some apprentices to carry him to the nearest hospital, they asked me to be the new master of the Bājíquán in the monastery but i rejected, i was granted the title, and as soon as i did, i left. While i was walking away 2 questions surged in my mind... "What am i now, A weapon, or still a human?" But they vanished quickly, who cares, as long as i get to live and fight, it doesn't matter!

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