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 Death of an Uninvolved Master [Closed], Canon Activity Enforcement
Crescentia Avelina Abels
 Posted: Nov 11 2013, 10:18 AM


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It was time to test another theory. The harbor was ablaze in explosions and destruction, and on the other side of the bridge was a park. It was in this park that a certain Magus named Kenji Chan was walking, avoiding all involvement with the conflict between Servants and choosing to let his Servant speak in riddles in his stead. This was a good strategy in that it kept him from dying at the hands of a Servant, and it didn't make him as much of a beacon for them since his Servant didn't accompany him. Only those who knew how to find Magi would be able to find him.

Unfortunately, that often resulted in it being another Magus doing so. From about a kilometer away, on top of one of the smaller buildings, a particular Magus was perched. She had an elaborate, but powerful bow in her hand and an arrow nocked, but not drawn yet. Her eyes were reinforced so she could clearly see him, even from this distance. She did not need to think about it, for she already knew her objective. It was research into the nature of Command Spells, and eliminating another Master in the war. A few casualties had already transpired, but they were not the cause nor did they get to witness them. This time, they would know for sure what happened.

Without a word, she raised the bow to level and pulled back the arrow, aiming her shot directly at the back of the Magus's head. One shot, one kill; she did not intend to allow him to discovery her presence. She was not an assassin, but she had the ability to act as a sniper. Pressing her finger down on the trigger present on the body of the bow, one of the six prana shots in the bow was expended, the shell being ejected out the hatch. The prana from it charged the arrow, making it an A-rank attack that should be able to break through almost any defense a Magus of lower ability could create.

Her fingers released the arrow, the slim projectile flying silently through the air and finding its mark. It made contact with the back of his head, but due to the overcharge in the arrow, it powered straight through his head and came out the front. There was no way for him to survive the damage to his brain, and so his body fell over lifeless. The arrow, on the otherhand, shattered on impact with the ground. It had already expended its prana to power through his skull, and so it was no better than a regular arrow when it hit the brick walk-way.

She waited a moment, and then another. She could see the Command Spells brightening for a moment on his body before fading, no longer being visible on him. Yet, they did not come to her. It seemed the Command Spells did not obey 'the superior Master'. They obeyed 'the original Master'. This was annoying, but informative, and with that she left her perch to return to base for now.

"Damn...another lost chance to acquire a Servant."
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