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 Are you my Master!? :3, We can even split the booty!
Edward Teach
 Posted: Dec 9 2013, 04:29 AM


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So the servants names is Edward Teach which is a name some of you might know... For those that don't well he has another. Blackbeard. Thats right folks, Blackbeard the Dreaded Pirate is a servant and he's been summoned into the rider class because lets face it... He has one sweet and unique ride.

Unlike most riders, who tend to have low stats his are fairly high for one not of the Knight Classes. This for the most part is due to his personality which is rather up in your face and rather happy all things told. But like all Riders, his NP's(Numbering three in total) are rather impressive. Each fills a rather specific role.

If you want a servant who is ruthless, strong willed, hedonistic and down right terrifying at times this is the man for you! But be warned, Teach is not a man to be made light of and if you can't prove that you are worthy of his infamous services you more then likely will ether find your self walking the plank or having to waste command seals on the most mundane tasks.

PM me, cbox me or grab me on skype if interested.

Profile Link:Edward Teach
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