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Oct 3 2013, 08:35 PM
Another day like all the rest, As always, Lilly was the first one arriving in the classroom. She was slowly realizing about how troublesome could be for her to have so much spare time between classes and her work.

"Mmm..." I mumbled, lazy to even sleep.

"That's right!" ... I suddenly remembered watching something about "clubs and extra activities" in the billboard located in the hallway. A bright smile came to my face, my eyes were sparkling and i was determined, but there was just one problem, i was also too lazy to move from my desk, the hallway was 2 floors from my classroom, but the idea of standing, walking up the corridor and going down just to check if my eyes and my mind were not playing with me was like draining all my energy to move.

I opened my eyes a bit while thinking about it "I could do some fun stuff with my extra time..."... And all i needed to do was to push myself for some minutes. The idea was tempting, and i would not let it go. Armed with determination i opened the classroom door and moved ahead to the billboard, located downstairs in the hallway.

"As i thought"... all the popular clubs were taking applications for newcomers, not only them, but also the minor clubs. There was only one club that got all my attention, a club related to my own personal experience and it fitted all my expectations. It was not a popular club, not that i minded, but it looked like something i could enjoy with all my energy and dedication i use for everything i do.

With my mind settled, and my determination, i still had around 1 hour to search around for the room that they use for that club. It was hard for me to remember the locations, even in the academy, so i might need some help from any of my class mates, IF i find any this early, it was 6:30 am.

"It will be a long morning for me..."
Sep 14 2013, 09:18 PM
Okay guys My friend Kozeph and myself are plotting a Yuri thread as the title says. It will be something aside the war, the plot will be taking place in Homurahara Academy, Outskirts and the Riverside Park, The age limit will be from 12 years old to 30 years old. The main characters will be posted here with their current App links, The sub-characters (doesn't mean they're not important), You guys that will help with how the story goes on, will help us with all the rest.

"The history will be going around two girls, they love each other and they've been together from a long time now, recently they've been feeling like they're lacking fun, so one day they decided to bring their fun to all her friends and the girls that are commonly around them turning the situation into harem. Now the time will decide how things will turn, and if our protagonists will still be able to keep their love after stepping into something they're not yet experienced with."

The rules to this plot will be:(Not that these rules may be subject to change)

-No violence allowed.

-No bringing anything related to the current war going on (This is gonna be a plot out of it, don't ruin it for the others).

-Make sure to talk with whoever you're gonna start a post with before doing so, avoid misunderstandings.

-Every post made related to this plot should have the "Fate/Distorted Panic!" tag in the description or title.(Don't mix it up with the war).

-Any player can join the plot, as long as you own a female 'Approved' character to role with and as long as she's alive.

-As Fate/distorted memoria, This is supposed to be last for long.

-Servant characters are not allowed to participate, this is a plot for humans and magi only.

-Men are allowed to participate. However, they won't be the main drivers of the plot.

Keep in consideration there might be more characters joining even after we start, make sure to greet them and treat them nicely. This is a plot that is also intended to promote the creation of more humans characters so keep this is mind.

To register your character please follow up this Format:

Character Name: Your character's name.
Character Age: Your character's age.
Character Icon: Character's icon
App link: App link
Sep 12 2013, 02:16 PM
It's hard to say goodbye i know a lot of the members here from MW but it's time for me to leave... i got the chance to move to japan with a friend that is waiting for me... i'll be working and studying.. and i won't have internet to still be able to be around... i can't do anything about it.. and this is a chance i cannot let go.. i'm sorry for leaving so suddenly.. and i love you all! i will miss you all aswell.. ! T.T Goodbye <3

Love from Lizzy - Seiko - Semiramis - Tamamo - and Lilly <3 .. :c
Sep 9 2013, 01:31 PM
With her usual outfit, mini shorts showing off her legs, a green blouse for a sunny day like it was and some cowboy boots she was decided to go out. A day like this one was also perfect for a nap at her apartment with the air conditionair at a low level, but the reason why she decided to go out was merely because she was getting bored of her usual clothes, she felt like she needed more variety.

The shopping district was crowded as always, people buying and selling, even people getting robbed at in near alleys but this was none of her business."If it doesn't affect me, i don't care about it" were the thoughts in her mind as she left them at their own luck.

She quickly erased the thought from her mind as she reached the clothing store she use to go to, the store was mixed for both boys and girls but they had the best of the best; It was like heaven for her: skirts, shirts, blouses, accessories, anything she could possibly like but what caught her attention was a sexy bikini that they recently acquired, it was all green with a dark brown belt as an optional accessory.

She couldn't resist any longer but she had to try it first "Excuse me?" , She asked in a bit high tone waiting for anyone in the store to assist her. As a girl from the store approached her she quickly pointed the bikini and without a doubt she said "Can i try that one? I really liked it!" the girl gently nodded as she handed it to her.

After some minutes in the changer she went out to look at herself in the store's mirror, it was located next to the changer but in a place that also anyone who entered the store could see, not that she cared about it, she knew she had a good body to show off and she liked how the bikini looked like on her.

--How she looks like-- She liked it so much she was wearing a bright smile "I'll buy it!" she said right ahead as she was ready to pay for it, she came in looking for clothes but ended up finding something better for whenever she felt like going to the beach, or using it for good modeling pictures.

Sep 8 2013, 07:33 PM


General Info

Name: Lilly Hirai
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Servant: None at the moment.


Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Yellow
Height: 156 cm
Weight: 44 Kg

Appearance Description:

Born with natural beauty, not only her face but her body as well. At the age of 18, the changes in her body were more noticeable than in other girls from her age. Her chest was bigger than her friend's and her face was the prettiest. On the upper side of her body, A slim waist and big natural breasts, both with model-like sizes; Her arms are thin and her hands usually soft. Her face is always seen with a cheerful smile, her green eyes make her facial expressions prettier. She has a long, blond hair that she loves to carry untied up. On the front, it covers up her forehead with a curvy style that goes to the right, her bangs lies on her shoulders and the rest of her hair covers up her ears, her wavey hair is also so long that covers up her back, her bangs usually reaching up her bust. On the lower side of her body, her legs and thighs are well tonified, years of walking around the city and running from time to time gave her legs a good strength and shape.

She's usually seen with different kind of outfits, from fashioned ones up to simple ones. The outfits also variate from her mood and the weather, but normally she goes out with a pair of cowboy boots, minishorts and a long shirt with long sleeves that reaches her wrists. Her shirt is tied up at the level of her waist with a white belt. On work days, she goes out in minishorts and a light shirt, a pair of shoes and a 2 pieces bikini that goes underneath her clothes to use later on, on her photograph sessions.


Abilities: ~ Pure eyes: Also called Eyes of Purity, are the ability to see that which normally cannot be seen, in other words, to see paranormal activities and spirits such as servants around without them noticing.

~ Modeling: Thanks to her beautiful body and pretty face, Lilly has a part time job as a top magazine fashion model in swim suits, wich even helps her to seduce and use her body more in her advantage, this also helps as a money income for her own bills.

~ Natural Genius: Since she was born and during her childhood to all her life, her studies were never a trouble, neither something she would care about, she's one of high grades being on the top 3 best grade students always with only reading anything once, in the bad side, this just helped her feed her lazyness in many other subjects.

~ Seducing: Thanks to her modeling career. Lilly learned how to use her body in ways that allows her to manipulate others into doing stuffs for her benefit without giving anything back, just with the correct words, voice tone and a single pose, many men and women are deceived by her.


Personality: Lilly's personality depends on her mood and the day, also depends on the persons she is in contact with. When she's happy, it's more than noticeable, you'll find her jumping around happily and being charming, talking to anyone and spreading her happiness. When she is sad, she won't say it, but she'll try to ignore the things that ruined her day; Whenever she's sad she tries to take a break from her job and school, so she doesn't involve them with it. On sunny days, she's mostly happy as well, she likes to go out in light clothes and feel the air passing by. When it's a rainy day, it's when her lazyness takes control making her slow and most of the time making her take very long naps.

Lilly is a very sociable person, she'd talk to anyone she feels like, and she will always smile to anyone. She is a girl of good grades in college, but she doesn't brag about it, instead, she tries to help her classmates. when it comes to her work, she puts her soul in it taking the best of it in a way to transmit it to others, even at work, her nice attitude has gave her a stable career being friends with everyone she works with.

She really dislikes liars, she had bad memories with ex-boyfriends / girlfriends and friends. Whenever someone lies to her unless they do something significant to Lilly, she will not forgive them, also, when she's upset the best thing to do is to back away. She is hard headed, making her change her opinion would be a really hard attempt to achieve, other than that, Lilly makes a good person to hang out with and a really good friend.

Character Color:Green
Likes:Sleeping, Flirting, going out.
Dislikes:Being ordered, Liars, Stalkers.
Natural Enemy:Sexual Assaulters
Hobbies: Modeling, going out for a walk, sleeping.

Parents: Never got to meet her dad but she only knows he's american, her mom's name is Yoko Hirai.
Relatives: None.
Significant Other Aimi Kouyashi.
Children: None.

History: Lilly comes from a separate family. All the memories she had since she was a little girl were about her and her mom, not a single picture of her dad, neither if he's dead or alive, that's a hole she couldn't fill with anything, but as she grew up she decided to smile at life and not to let anyone she stared at, staying with a sad face, she had it hard without her dad next to her, so she didn't want anyone to feel the same sadness.

When she was just a little girl she had a hard time. At school she was the only girl with 1 parent and her friends usually were laughing at her, also, all her life she lived was in japan with her mom, the kids around her usually laughed at her for her hair color, also, her mom busy with 2 jobs obligated her to leave Lilly most of the time alone at home with nothing to do, by that moment is when she started to think clearly about everything, there was just something different in her, she didn't feel hatred for those who made fun of her, she forgave them and all these actions were making her heart pure, with time. Before the last year of school ended, she baked some cookies for her classmates and gave it to them, they all couldn't believe it, but in a blink of an eye they were laughing with her and started to accept her as one of them.

When Lilly was at the age of 14, she had a big fight with her mom due to her attitude, she was not studying for her tests, but she was getting perfect grades, her teachers were surprised about it that they praised her, but her mom always thought she was cheating or copying in the tests, this made Lilly take a serious decision. She left her house with all her stuffs away from her mom without telling her where she would stay or what she would do. She setted up renting an apartment with the money she had saved up, but sooner or later she knew she'd had to find a job to survive as she would be alone from now on, but this didn't last too long.

One day she was walking around the city looking for job oportunities, but there were none available. Disappointed and looking down she crashed with a man, she stood up and asked for forgiveness, but when the man saw her he knew she had everything he was looking for, the man was an important representative of a modeling business and they were looking for something fresh and new, her appearance and her personality fitted pretty well what they were looking for and most importantly, she would get money for it! the day wouldn't have been better for her, her modeling career lasted enough to pay for everything, even leaving her extra money for herself, also paying her studies as she wanted to graduate.

When lilly became an adult, she had more oportunities in her part-time career, as well as she had more liberty to go to wherever she pleased, with a laid-back attitude yet self-confident, one day she decided to go to a place people used to say was "haunted", she didn't believe in ghosts or such things, but the idea of finding new things that were unexplained was too amusing for her, she had 2 friends waiting for her outside since she went in, the hours passed by and after 3 hours, she came out. When her friends asked her if she saw anything, she answered in a low tone "No.." but that was a lie, she saw things she couldn't explain, but they were not there to harm her, they were trying to find their own way back to rest in peace, from that moment she knew she had special powers to see those things, and she knew she couldn't tell anyone else, it was her only special secret from that day untill now.

RP Sample

"Oke... Gimme some minutes and i'll be out!" Lilly said with a smile before entering the haunted house that was located away from the city. As the doors closed behind her, she knew there was nothing there, maybe it was some rats that were passing by messing things up, or even bats, she was not scared at all, she was actually wondering if she'd find something valuable; as she was walking by the hallways, she could feel some changes in the temperature, sometimes, the air was soft and then it suddenly changed, even sometimes she could feel chills, like if something or someone was staring at her but she couldn't be able to tell what was it.

She looked all over the place in the basement, but the upper floor was the last place to check, she took a deep breath as she started to go upstairs, the stairs were making annoying sounds, as they were old, it was something common. When she was up there she saw a figure, it was glowing, but yet it was small "Could it be..." she thought for a second of a spirit, that made her run towards it, when she reached it she found what she was not expecting to find, the figure of a man, but it was not a normal man, it was a ghost, she freezed for a second, but in an instant she detailed his face, he was sad and he looked like he needed some help.

"A-are.. *she regained some composture *.. Are you lost?.. do you need help?" she talked to him as if he was a normal person, the spirit couldn't believe it, a human that actually was talking to him instead of running away.. for once in a while, the spirit smiled to her and after that, he explained the situation, the thing he needed was something unreachable for lilly, but he understood, so he changed it for her to "stay a little bit longer". it was a while since he had some company to talk to, also he told her something she would never forget from that day "You have a kind heart and you can see what others are afraid to.. Don't let anyone take that away.." after that being said, the guy vanished smiling, she couldn't help but break into tears, but also she couldn't let her friends to look at her that way.

She opened the doors in front of her and walked outside, her friends were surprised, looking at her they were asking her if she saw something inside or why did she take so long?, she only answered "No.." as she walked away from the place, she just smiled as she was walking, then turning around before the house was out of sight to give "him" a last smile as a goodbye and thanks, for the moment he spent with her.

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The IdolM@ster, Miki Hoshii
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