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 Posted: Sep 3 2013, 11:29 AM


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Here on Fate/Distorted Memoria, we have rules, just like every other site. If you are a veteran RPer, you will have no trouble at all adapting to the rules.

OOC Rules

1) No spamming. Spamming is... well, you should know what spamming is, but if not, spamming is posting a rapid series of messages that have no meaning in a short amount of time. Please don't do it.

2) Respect. Respect fellow members and staff members. I don't want anyone holding a personal grudge against another member or anything like that.

3) Drama. Arguably the one I want to enforce the most. I hate drama. Drama is when you bring personal problems to the site. That's fine in some cases ("[relative died], I need to step away from the site") this is perfectly acceptable. What's not acceptable is bringing personal issues with a fellow member to the site. Seriously. Do. Not. Do. It.

4) Keep In Character and Out of Character relationships seperate. This one causes a lot of trouble, and I'm going to say this now. They are just characters. Just because a character waltzes into a thread and beats the snot out of your character does not automatically mean that player does not like you. Just because your significant other's character has a relationship with another player's character does not mean they are cheating on you.

5) Keep Advertising in the Advertising Board. No excuses. Any ads will be deleted otherwise.

6) One Character Per Account. Makes faction sorting so much easier.

6.5) One Servant Per Player. We have a limited quantity. Let other people play them.

7) This is an Alternate Universe Fate/Stay Night RP. We're doing our own plot set after the events of the Unlimited Blade Works route. Don't get fussy about things you may recognize from other continuities of Fate, like the Servant count or certain canons.

8) Face Claims. Faceclaims are to be reserved in the FC list with proof of a W.I.P. From then on you have a week to have at least half of the profile complete before the reserve is placed under 'unlimited' status. This goes for staff as well.

9) Rule Changes and Updates. We reserve the right to change, alter, and update the rules at any time whenever necessary, as necessary. These rules are expected to be checked on for changes often, and respectfully followed without the excuse of 'I didn't know' having any baring on the consequences of you not following them. If you have problems with the rules you are welcome to state so to the mods and we will hear you out. We will not accept any disrespect due to your problems with the rules.

IC Rules

1) No Godmodding. Godmodding is when you control another's character without their permission. If they're fine with it, it's not Godmodding. Bosses and Admin Controlled NPCs can autohit during plot events, but that usually happens when the recipient has been stupid.

2) No Powerplaying. Keep an eye on your stats. You are not invincible, you cannot dodge everything, you are not God.

3) No barging in. If a thread isn't open and not meant for you and you want in, ask for permission, don't just barge in. If they say no, respect their wishes.

4) No killing without consent. People can get rather peeved about joining their first thread, and then getting offed. Get their permission before offing them.

5) No One Liners. One Liners are extremely short posts, don't do them.

6) No Rips. Basically, ripping a character from another series to use as your character here. Example, no making Cloud from Final Fantasy VII. You can use his weapons, appearance, and MAYBE personality (though that's stretching it), but everything else has to be original.

7) Thread limit. You can have as many as you can keep up with.

8) Canon Relations. Unless they had a relationship with a canon prior (I.E. Perseus killing Medusa) this cannot be done without explicit permission of a person playing a canon and an admin.

9) Mary Sues/Gary Stus. None of them please. Though if it's a Parody Sue, I might make an exception.

11) Canon Activity. Due to the way we're formatting things, there's a certain level of activity expected from those who make one of the fourteen Masters or Servants. If you make a Master of one of the fourteen Servants, you're expected to make at least one post per week. For the Servants, you are expected to make at least two posts per week.

12) Servant Activity. Specifically for Servants, due to the way the site is formatted, if you create your allowed Servant character, establish them within the RP, and then decide to drop them on a whim or vanish from the site, the Servant in question is considered killed and thus the slot is closed off to any new player. So, ONLY pick up a Servant if you know you will want to play them and know you will be consistently active with them.
  • 12a) Due to issues occurring between Servant slots, you are expected to be visibly working on a Servant the week you make your reserve on the Servant Reserve Thread. With use of the absence thread you can extend your time should anything happen to make you unable to complete your Servant in the allotted time. If this doesn't happen we're reopening your spot to someone else more willing to follow this rule.
13) Scheduling and Documentation. The Absence, Reservation, and Notification threads exist for a reason. Do not simply tell an admin/moderator in a PM or on an instant messenger any information regarding these things until you've posted in these. You will be sorely disappointed in your expectation of us acknowledging/acting on/caring about what you have to say regarding these things until you've posted the related information in their correct thread.

We did not create these threads for our health. They are meant to be used.

Follow these and you'll do fine.
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