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 The upcoming month or so
 Posted: Oct 31 2013, 10:12 AM


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So for until the end of this semester (see: Early-mid December) I'm gonna be busier than usual and won't be able to do as much on the site. Game Design professor is gonna be assigning big programming assignments every week until the end of the semester, and I have to get over 100% on every single one to get into a huge multi-department game design project that's happening next semester, which is exactly what I need for getting a job in the future. So that's going pretty high on my priority list.

As well, just getting papers, reports, and other such things assigned on top of that AND studying massive quantities of Kanji for Japanese is not making it any easier. So Seii and Nick will be handling a lot of the running of the site and most questions should be directed to them first. If absolutely necessary, I can help settle issues or answer questions, but I will be a last resort during this time of utter scheduling hell.

So I'll try to post, but don't expect as much activity out of Gilgamesh, Hakunon, and Crescentia, and Bazett being finished will likely take a bit longer.
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