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 Activity Rule Update!
 Posted: Dec 2 2013, 09:07 AM


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So I know many of you have been asking for something like this when the new enforcement began, and I had been planning for it once it had been in place for an entire month once I saw how it did. Since it seems it's gone over well for the most part, I'll go ahead and announce this.

Every four weeks (approximately one month, the reason I say four weeks is for awkward mid-week month-transitions like this one), warnings received for not posting will be wiped. What this means is that, if for some reason you can't make it online to post about being inactive for a week or something due to various circumstances, you get one free week of not meeting the quota. Whether you actually use it as your "Oshi- I can't make it online" or "I just want a week off from posting", that's up to you. The point being, you get one free week to not meet your quota and not post a leave of absence.

Now I'm trusting people to not abuse this, because if everyone abuses it, then during any given week if someone decides "I don't want to post", they may make it impossible for another member to meet their quota. If you can post, do try to do so. Life stress happens, but if you're just being lazy, post. If not for yourself, then do it for the other members of the board.

That's all~
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