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General Info

Name: Silas Wulfshire (Known by the alias 'Revenger')
Age: 21
Classification: Spellcaster (On technicality, formerly hermit)
Refer to this post for a list of known classifications.
Gender: Male
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Servant: "I stand alone... for now."


Eye Color: Unnatural luminous red surrounded by a black sclera
Hair Color: Light blonde to golden blonde, varies with health
Height: 6'1" (185 cm)
Weight: 189 Lbs (85.7 kg )
Picture: Picture

Appearance Description:
    One cannot help but feel insatiable ire radiating from this person; Silas stands at a height only slightly above average with a build of matching quality, yet commands the intimidating presence of one with far greater stature. Though very young as one can plainly see, Silas seems ever-possessed by an extreme wrath that manifests in his facial expression. His posture is ever tense and looseness is the last thing that comes to mind in his demeanor, despite the fact that he wears little more than shredded rags. The 'revenger' often wears little more than ruined gothic attire pilfered from a city dumpster, and smells vaguely of his wardrobe's distant origin albeit under the stifling and far more recent scent of blood perpetually renewed upon him. While never entirely clean however, he's never particularly dirty either.

    A once exquisite pair of glossy leather pants adorn the male's legs, retaining a dull shine across their black surface. A belt complete with numerous chained accessories binds the slightly damaged garment to his hips, which are further framed by black fur coming from the top edges of his waist. The ornamentation is mixed with crow feathers as well as the fur, which is longer towards the back, short at the sides, and nigh-nonexistent from the front. The chains attached to Silas's belt loops clink gently with his every step, announcing his location and are seemingly of poor practicality in general, as they'll even swat painfully into the wearer's thighs with too swift a rotation.

    Silas's upper body is largely exposed. The crest of his now ruined family is emblazoned on his upper forehead, it's lowest point descending just two and a half inches down the bridge of his nose. However, the large emblem is occluded by his wild blonde hair, which receives almost no care and is thus wholly unmanageable and untamed. His physique is rippled and well defined but sickly, bearing pallid pale skin and an utterly fatless build driven by partial starvation. He's not particularly attractive in general, but has soft youthful features that defy his otherwise hard demeanor.

Elemental Affinity: Haemomancy (Flesh & Blood)

See this post for a basic description about Affinities.
See here for more about the different elements and the types of spells related to them

Sorcery Trait:
    Glass Fist of Anguish: The haemomantic arts of the Wulfshires gradually annihilated their clan, but not without permanently suffusing their bloodline with the qualities they sacrificed for. His heritage enables Silas to channel prana in such a way that effects his body in basic venues, without the need of incantation; the act can be compared to a reflex or motor response although in addition the user does still need to consciously channel prana. It exclusively effects defense and/or offense. Silas can quite literally convert this energy into physical strength as well as durability, causing him to glow with a blood red aura. Although Silas's speed isn't effected, he fares far better offensively and defensively than the run of the mill magi so much so he'll almost always outclass them in any contest of physical strength. While using prana to fortify or empower his body Silas's glow gives away that he's augmented to observant opponents, and the amount he glows is proportional to how much prana is spent as is the physical gain. Defense and offense are increased separately however so improving both to an equal level costs twice as much prana as just increasing a single attribute. This ability can stretch quite far, but the prana it uses is rapidly consumed, and going too far beyond normal human limitations lasts only seconds at a time. The user can only achieve truly devastating physical strength by sacrificing all fortitude, destroying their bodies as well as their foes in their brief but disastrous assaults with merely the recoil of their own blows. Doesn't provide a healing factor, only temporary augments muscular strength or durability of the body.
Magic Circuit Count: Silas possesses thirty circuits, but they are below average quality. An instance of inbreeding leaves him with a high circuit count but also a mutation that makes the product of each individual circuit unpredictable. Prana channeled either comes in a below average crawl, or an above average surge, adding an element of chance to all magic used. His overall prana output varies between 400-1600 total. The actual circuits themselves do not vary in placement and motion, only in potency. The effect of his crest will only augment his prana output when enraged, terrified, or in despair in which case all circuits becomes stable at their maximum potential and output is increased by a flat 500 prana, raising his actual maximum to 2100 but this can be sustained for a few minutes (No more than just three).

    Hard-bred physique: Silas and his predecessors were all bred with not just prana circuits but also toughness in mind. Out of a large batch of children, many were exposed to gauntlets and trials to test their survival without magic; all successors to the emblem had been survivors, Silas included. Silas is very strong and healthy, thanks to selective breeding and the weeding out of weaker genes. Despite sparse instances of inbreeding his overall physique is very strong but also hardy and highly tolerant to both illness and the elements. While not superhuman by any means, Silas does what your average human could do twice as fast and twice as well in any contest where strength or endurance is put to the test. His reaction time is also sharp and well tuned, particularly for instances of combat.

    Haemogenesis: Apart from hardiness, Silas also has an unusual knack for recovering from blood loss. It's a common trait in his family but his is extreme; he produces blood three times faster than the average human and boasts tremendous circulatory robustness, with a slightly oversized heart and very developed blood vessels that bulge enough to be seen on the surface of his skin all over during periods of physical exertion. It contributes towards high stamina, but is mostly just good for resisting blood loss and enduring exsanguination.
    Melee Combat: Apart from any skills related to offense or weaponry, Silas is acclimated to fighting. This doesn't apply to ranged combat but within roughly a five meter distance the male possesses an uncanny sense of how to overwhelm enemies. He uses his sense of hearing, sight, and feel to remain aware of where his enemy is and is aware of the weaknesses on a body - however, as said, it applies only to enemies within short ranges. His sense of location and vulnerabilities as well as strong points enable him to evade damage and mitigate inevitable blows, as well as the opposite effect for those he seeks to defeat.

    Axe Mastery: Silas always has an axe, whether it's a makeshift weapon or a quality piece of legitimate work like the weapon of his clan. He lacks talent with firearms and isn't dexterous enough to be very effective with daggers or swords, so he's wielded axes for most of his life. From being a simple brigand to a rogue vagrant amongst magi dueling numerous rivals, he has faced many situations that forced him to improvise and refine his movements. He is an efficient and potentially lethal opponent in close combat when armed - even average or slightly above average servants can be threatened by his physical prowess alone in melee combat, especially if he's got an axe and makes the most of his sorcery trait.

    Relentless: At a certain level of focus and determination, one is capable of negating terror and pain for the sake of pursuing a result. Silas may drive himself to a state of unmoving perseverance particularly in the face of tremendous danger. He is able to ignore fear and pain to freakish extents, even going so far as to risk shock of his body from traumatic injuries through this effect. It's not really an ability but is still an innate skill of sorts, although this mindset was not trained - Silas was born like this. He may unflinchingly weather major injuries without stopping in an action, be it reckless pursuit of a foe or the incantation of a spell.
    Chernobog: Bound to Silas's back is a great black axe with numerous golden chains extending from the base of it's haft. The chains wrap around his torso and grip to him as if prehensile, and a faint foreboding black mist lingers on the axe's cruelly perfected edge. This weapon is a Specialized Mystic Code; Chernobog is called the 'axe of sacrifice' by Silas, as in order to wield the weapon prana is drawn so violently from the user that cuts form rapidly on whatever limb they hold the axe with and all blood spilled from these wounds is sucked into the ominous black mist of the blade's edge. However, it usually consumes no prana and exudes no special properties until the wielder consciously allows it to leech from them, in which case the axe's golden chains pierce the wielder's arms and attach to their skeleton for the duration of it's usage. The axe is incredibly sturdy and simply reforms itself if damaged, but an injury similar to what destruction the weapon sustained always manifests on the user's body when the axe repairs itself. Despite appearing to severely harm whomever would wield the axe, the limb it attaches to is actually endowed with tremendous superhuman strength and fortitude not only by the flow of prana between the user and the weapon but by it's own dark enchantment. The chains of the weapon are fully prehensile as well and can be moved by the wielder merely by thought so long as they remain attached by the axe, though the benefit of the vicious strength it endows upon it's wielder is forfeit when moved this way. Chernobog is already quite effective as a weapon, but these effects are not what it consumes so much prana for. It's putrid edge is exceptionally resilient against prana based means of defense, including any kind of amplified fortitude resulting from prana a being such as a servant might have. Wounds inflicted by Chernobog are stained black permanently, and even when healed, and perpetually inflict pain on their victim. It stops for periods of time however so that a victim's pain threshold does not rise enough to adapt to the torment, torturing foes long after combat is done with. Even reincarnated or resurrected beings will still bear black scars where Chernobog once cut them, and it's effects last for decades depending on the victim's prana flow.
    Gore Forge: An application of the spell 'Reinforcement' driven by Wulfshire haemomantic arts, technically separate from it's predecessor. Gore Forge can only be used on the wielder's body and acts in the same manner as Reinforcement, except it is acclimated to work within a body's biological processes with innate precision. Gore Forge can greatly accelerate the sealing of wounds and the body's recovery process, closing wounds and the like in seconds instead of days. While regeneration is not possible through this spell it can immediately remove threats such as blood loss and infection from a single wound, but may only target one aspect of a being per casting. For example, if Silas wished to enhance his vision, he could do that and nothing else in a single usage of this spell. Gore Forge also sacrifices the permanence of changes for the potency of them. Anything done by this spell expires in ten seconds, so if Silas were to augment a single faculty of his body it would not last long enough for the magecraft to be cast again. However, despite short duration and prana costs, the spell compensates for it's shortcomings with the sheer extremity of what it provides; were Silas to use Gore Forge to improve his eyesight for example, it would not be a mild change but an utterly tremendous shift enabling him to see incredible distances in perfect, magnified detail. While Gore Forge does not really add anything new to the body, it distorts it's limitations greatly and perfects what is already there for short periods of time. It is however very strenuous on the body and threatens to temporarily imbalance natural processes, disorienting the caster after numerous repeated usages. Can't be used on other people or objects. Shrouds user in a faint red aura of static after usage.
      "Defaced doll of mud, sculpt thine visage to assume your fleeting destiny!"

    Cast of Flesh: Allows the user to imbue a part of their body with a single quality it did not previously possess. For example, the user can achieve regeneration, or briefly acquire extreme flexibility. New organs or limbs cannot be created, nor can anything new anatomically be made; however, any existing aspect of the body can be added to or expanded, such as the healing factor, flexibility, or senses. Silas could expand the spectrum of light he sees for example to perceive infared radiation, although this would net a number of complications and require careful execution for that reason. The aspect will actually appear biologically for so long as it lasts, but any changes made last just one minute, and no others may be added during this time. However, new qualities can be briefly amplified with Gore Forge, but the duration for both this magecraft and Gore Forge are halved if this is done.
      "Wretched dirt of wasted future
      Twist and fold upon yourself
      Until you resemble your folly."

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